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 THE REEL THING                                                                                May 1991


The lilacs are blooming; huge rainbow trout are clogging up the streams, black flies and mosquitos are beginning to show up, the first fiddleheads and watercress are there for the picking, the ducks, geese and loons are all pairing it looks like we are already into spring and summer can't be that far off, afterall.

A big welcome from all of us to our two newest members, Maurice Collins and Ken King.  David and Ela Collins's son, Maurice checked in to the world just a few days after the Conceicao's daughter, Carol, was born, a little late to be announced in our last bulletin.  Ken King came on board a couple of weeks later and has impressed all of us, not only with his enthusiasm, but with his rapid mastery of spinning tackle.  Ken claims he has not fished or handled a rod and reel since the forties!!!  After only a couple of weeks on the targets, Ken already looks like a pro and to prove the point he caught over a dozen rainbow trout on his first outing with his new equipment.

Our spring fishing trip to Haliburton went off without any snags......the ice was all off the lake..........we were able to negotiate the bush-road in without too many problems.........nobody drowned in the big hot tub at the lodge.............and we actually caught some beautiful speckled trout.  Sheila got things started as usual with a lovely 2 1/2 pounder that she took on, what else -a Gord Deval Crocodile.  I think that was the only brookie caught and landed on spinning tackle, although North Jory, his protege, Matt and possibly one or two others threw a lot of tin at the trout.  Let's hear it for the fly fishermen.........this was their year to shine, with Roger Cannon, Jack Wilkings and yours truly lucking out with enough success to put another half-dozen beauties in the freezer.  Fishing was superb, but the catching was spotty, probably because the trout were gorging themselves on mosquito larvae and miniscule, fresh-water shrimp.

We managed to find a couple of hours last week to give the rainbows a try and were fortunate to bag one that tipped the scales a fraction under sixteen pounds. That one fell victim to a #3 Vibrex, while the next day on a fly fishing outing with Leon, we took a couple, 6 & 7 pounds, on Despairs.  It's still too early to get the reports in on how everybody else did, but if all you fisher-guys and fisher-gals will let us know, we'll put the results in the next bulletin.

It looks like our Atlantic Salmon trip to New Brunswick's Miramichi River is pretty well firmed up for mid-August.  If there are any other fly fishermen in our club who haven't heard the details and think that they might be interested, they should get in touch with either Jim Lee or myself as soon as possible.

The next club fishing trip will be the camping trip to A/B Lake on the Canada Day weekend.  We only can accommodate three tents on this one, so it is strictly a first-come, first-served venture, once again. 


The Scarborough Fish House Restaurant Open takes place on Saturday and Sunday, June 1st & 2nd.  This is the official Scarborough fly and bait casting championships with categories for Ladies and Novices, as well as "A" Class casters.  There are bait casting, spinning and fly casting events consisting of both accuracy and distance games.  All accuracy games will be held at our pool behind the Scarborough City Hall on the Saturday, beginning at 8:30 A.M. sharp, while the distance games will be held the next day at Ellesmere Reservoir Park, east of Neilson on Ellesmere Rd., also beginning at 8:30 sharp.

Prizes and awards will consist of medals, plaques and merchandise, with awards to 6th place in the novice category and 3rd place in the "A" category.  Our sponsor, The Fish House Restaurant, along with your executive, would like to see a record turn-out this year for this event.......THE PREMIER EVENT ON OUR CALENDAR.  Even if you don't think that you are competitive, please come out and give it a try.  The Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association spends a lot of time and money 'giving' to its members.  This is your best chance to return the favour by earmarking this weekend on your calendar to be with us.  There is, of course, a small entry fee for each event, but drinks and lunches will be provided for all competitors and assistants.

In conjunction with the above, we require 5 or 6 members who will commit themselves to helping us run the show, both at the pool and at the park.  Please let Rod Sills or myself know if you can be available to give us a hand.  Also, two weekends after our tournament the Canadian championships will be held and it is to be hoped that we will also have good representation at that event.


We should be moving from the gym to the pool for our Monday evening sessions in a week or two.  We'll let you know.