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 THE REEL THING                                                                                May 1992


Our annual spring club trip to Haliburton was a huge success!  Ten adults and three kids (7 to 70ish) all had a great time, with almost half of the crew participating in their first club trip.  Nobody fell into the lake or broke their rods, although I believe that Bill McClintock briefly considered doing just that over Peter Durnford's head after Pete assisted him in losing what was apparently the biggest trout of the weekend.  Oh well, Bill, better stick to landing your own fish after this.  The fishing was great, the weather interesting (from cold rain to hot sunshine) and the meals were consumed with gusto.  Our club established a precedent on this trip: NO FISH AT ALL WERE KEPT, mind you that can be interpreted in many ways.  The next trip on our agenda will be a camping trip to A/B on the weekend of July 4th & 5th.  Room for three tents - first come - first served.  

As some of you may already know, we lost our sponsor a few weeks ago and our June tournament was in jeopardy, but Lebovic Enterprises, our new sponsor, came to the rescue in the nick of the time and the tournament, our eighth, will go as scheduled.  This should easily be the biggest and best we have ever held, with great medals, plaques and merchandise awards for Juniors, Ladies, B and A class divisions.  This year's tourney also features a special Sportsmanship award.  We have also been assured that Scarborough Councillor, Mike Tzekas, will be along to help with the awards presentation.

There will be a discount for all entrants competing in three or more of the twelve events.

The fly and bait accuracy events will be at our pool, behind the Scarborough City Hall, beginning with the three fly games at 9 A.M. Saturday, June 6th.  The distance games will be held in the giant new Milliken Park at the north-east corner of McCowan and Steeles.  Go in through the gate, just east of McCowan.  Even if you don't cast the distance games yet, come out and see the spectacular results that these casters can achieve (over 200' with a fly and 400' with a plug).  Besides, we distance casters can use a lot of help in these field games with scoring, marking and so on.  There are washroom facilities available to us at both locations.

Sheila and I made initial representations at the Ontario Summer Games committee meeting and were apparently successful.  Casting will be included in these popular games for the first time, initially as a spectator sport with its permanent inclusion dependent on this year's results.  This, of necessity, has to be operated by the various sports' provincial associations, therefore we passed things on to them and it appears that they have it under control.  There will be more information forthcoming, but for now all we can tell you is that the events will take place at our pool on Saturday, August 22, beginning at 8:30 A.M.  There will be a $20.00 Participation Fee charged to all Summer Games entrants by the Ontario Summer Games Committee.  The Canadian Casting Championships will be held a week after our tournament, June 13th & 14th, with the accuracy events also being held at our pool.  The distance games will be held in Etobicoke. 

We move from the gym to our pool behind the City Hall for our Monday Evening practice sessions next Monday, May 18th. Although it's the end of the Victoria Day weekend some of us will be out there banging away at the targets with plugs and flies.  Many thanks to Steve Ryder, Scott Collins and John Alexander for taking on the job of refurbishing our floating targets for the pool. We will definitely be taking a group of underprivileged kids on a fishing trip this summer and we are nominating Leon Schwartz to put together a committee to organize this one.

Please circle the dates June 6th & 7th on your calendars and plan on being with us for our tournament.  This is your club and your tournament!  We MUST have your participation, either in assisting us with the details or in the competition.  This is a lot easier than casting at the Sportsmens' Show.....basically you will be competing against the same folks you see at the gym on Monday nights.  Also, pretty well everybody wins something!  There will probably be several hundred dollars of merchandise awards for the Juniors, Ladies and Novice Casters, alone!  We must have your cooperation for this's your chance to pay back something to the club for what it's done for you!

It hasn't been confirmed as of yet, but we will probably be handing out lunches (chicken, or something) FREE at the pool on Saturday.  If anybody would like to try the distance games, there are several extra outfits available for you to use.  If you are interested, just call me and we'll get out together to practice and show you how they are done.

I think we slipped up somewhere in the last couple of Reel Things in not welcoming some of our new members.  However Scott Collins, Fred Leibl, Karen Tyrell and Sean Laverty have already made their presence felt and we all hope that their relationship with the

Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association will be a long and pleasant one.

POTPOURRI...We are still awaiting the column promised us by our resident 'funny guy' Scott Purcell, maybe next time.......even though Scott was unable to join us for the A/B tip, he lent us his canoe (many thanks, Scott) of our original members and best casters ever, Brad Allen, will be rejoining us now that things have settled down a bit for him......our bamboo had reached Buffalo and we are just waiting for North to get it here for us......Paulo and I hit the Gannaraska on a couple of outings......lots of trout, up to twelve pounds..........Scott Purcell took a nice speckled trout out of a secret spot near the Greenwood Conservation Area.....Steve Ryder and I hit Lake Simcoe to try for Lakers on the surface but had to weather a storm, so hit a couple of little streams on the way home and caught a dozen or so brookies.........Fred Bigioni's son, 7 yr. old Andrew, joined us for the A/B Lake trip, his first, and he was an absolute delight to have along (it was Andrew who tangled with the truck last year)......there were a few things left in the cottage......I don't know whose they are so please let me know (Mayonnaise, Can of Salmon, Some tackle)  There were also a couple of breakfasts left to dry up in the oven, but we through them out! was wonderful the way that everybody pitched in and cleaned up the cottage before leaving........the camp owners were quite impressed........we have it booked for the January 1st, 1993 opening trip.......Paulo and Barry are off to a secret lake in Haliburton this weekend to test their mettle with the trout and the blackflies (good luck, guys).......we are offering our fishin' buddy hotline again this year.......if you are looking for a partner for an outing, call me......I'll try to match up members, wherever possible........just saw a couple of magnificent cedar strip canoes made entirely by Scott Collins....both works of art....Scott has offered to help anybody in the club with a project of this nature.........get those fishing tidbits in to me, please, so that others can enjoy reading about them, John Alexander finished up the ice fishing season with a total catch of over fifty trout......most were released to fight we have anybody in the club qualified to replace main bearings in my skidoo over the summer months so that I can once again ferry people in and out of the bush next winter?


See you at the pool.