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 THE REEL THING                                                                                May 1993


Our last bulletin was composed a day or two too early to introduce our newest husband and wife team to the rest of our membership, but the regulars who seldom miss a casting evening have already had the pleasure of meeting Dorothy and Bernie Ennis, our newest members.  These folks have an air of enthusiasm around them that is rubbing off on the rest of us.  It's great to have you aboard, Dorothy and Bernie.  After only a few nights at the club, their fly casting has improved by leaps and bounds and to show their appreciation to the rest of us they have invited all those who would like a day of fly fishing at the private Franklin Trout Club to join them as their guests on Saturday, July 10th.  The cost for a superb day of fly fishing is quite minimal ($20.00) and includes, I think, a bag limit of five rainbows.  Lunch can be purchased on the premises, or you may bring your own.  One of the ponds is set aside for spinning and one for fly fishing.  To reserve your spot, or for more information please call either Bernie or Dorothy at 494.3721.

The stream fishing has been spectacular this spring with some great catches being reported to date.  One of our newest members, Ron Bolton, turned the tables on a 6 pounder and a ten pounder fly fishing for rainbows near Port Hope, while Fred Leible took a nice speckle out of Duffins also fly fishing.  Jack Wilkings buried one of his favourite streamers into the palm of his hand with the help of his dog, Comet, while fly fishing with me on the Ganaraska.  The dog was exonerated though as we managed to get into a nice seven pounder and much to Jack's surprise, his dog swam out into the current and as neat as a whistle clamped his big jaws around the trout, swam ashore with it and placed it gently at my feet.

Roger Harwood, Paulo Conceicao and Scott Purcell also had several successful trips to the 'Ganny' with Doc Harwood leading the way with a fabulous eighteen pounder, bigger he said, than the fifteen pound Atlantic Salmon he is used to catching on his trips to Quebec.  Paul Quarrington, John Alexander and I got into the wild leeks on a couple of trouting expeditions and believe me these are well worth the effort if you haven't picked them before yourselves.

Sheila, Jack Wilkings and I tried something different that we've been talking about for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed the outing.  We took folding chairs, a bucket of worms, spinning tackle (Sheila took her customary book) and fished for catfish in the Pefferlaw River.  Great R.& R. and delicious eating.

Dave Usher has us all topped however.  He is going around showing off pictures of the hundred and twenty pound tarpon he caught on a 'business trip' to Costa Rica.

Our trip to A/B lake was a great success as usual with the hot tub (with Sheila in it, of course) being not the least of the weekend's pleasures.  A seventeen and eighteen inch Brookie that took my trusty Despair were the tip of the iceberg as Ron Bolton, Peter Durnford, Sheila and Roger Cannon mainly practiced their casting fundamentals on this one. The brookies were fattening up on tiny mayflie larvae (wigglers), which made it extremely difficult to interest them in anything else.

Dave Collins is organizing a junket to St. Catharines to have a little friendly fun casting with their club on June 5th.  Please call Dave at 751.4376 for details.

We are attempting to finalize the details of an invitation to send a team to South Africa to conduct clinics and demonstrations for their clubs as they want to get into the International Casting Federation.  This would be at their expense and is tentatively scheduled for September-October.  We'll keep you informed on this one as things develop.  Our club tournament this year has been re-scheduled for the weekend of July 17th and 18th.  Please mark these dates on your calendar.  It is important that we have a solid turnout for this fun weekend, whether it is simply to help out and observe, or to actually compete in the different casting games.  We must have your support for this tournament if we are to continue our drive to become the biggest and best casting club in North America and to be the host of the North American Championships.  Last year's tournament was our biggest and best ever with over twenty-five competitors and over half of them from our own club.  Let's see if we can top that this year!

There is room for four tents if anybody wishes to join Sheila and me on the weekend of July 3rd and 4th at A/B Lake.  Please call either Sheila or me if you would like to know more about this one.

QUESTION:  Where is Leon?

Steve Ryder, Dave Collins and Ron Bolton have been out practicing distance casting with me and it looks like Peter Durnford, Doug Ryder and John Alexander will have to work a little harder to win the same medals they won in last year's tournament.  This would be fantastic if we could have a half dozen or so of us casting these games at the Canadian championships and in the Great Lakes at Columbus, Ohio.  Come on Scott and Paulo.  Let's see you push these guys a little.  By the way the Canadian Championships are scheduled for the weekend of June 12th and 13th.  Call me for information.

Our pool at the City Hall is not available yet as there is construction going on there at the moment, but we are working on establishing ourselves at Miliken park.  The pond there is a lovely place to practice casting and as soon as the landscapers are finished we will be able to use that as our main facility.