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 THE REEL THING                                                                             May 1996


I have to apologize to you for not getting out the Reel Thing over the last little while.  I kept delaying putting it together until I felt I had good news for you about our club.  As I am sure everybody knows by now, we have had an extremely trying period because of a campaign of innuendo, lies and subterfuge by basically one former member whose admitted sole raison d'etre since we successfully ran the North American Championships last summer was to destroy our club and ruin my reputation.

The City of Scarborough then became involved and decided that the best way to clear up the controversy was for us to rewrite our constitution and hold an election of officers.  Unfortunately, we only learned at this meeting that it was open to anybody: relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc. - and- if they expressed the opinion that they 'might' be interested in joining the club in 'the future' then they would be entitled to vote on the officer election!

Needless to say, I along with those bona-fide members who were there,were shocked to hear that and even more so when we realized that John Alexander obviously knowing the vote would be run in that manner, even brought along his entire family and friends to sway the vote in his desired direction.  Although the vote for President was decidedly in favour of me (twelve to three of those  in attendance who were paid-up members, 1995 and-or 1996) we lost the 'election'.  There were people there whom we had never seen before in any of the club's activities.  This was hardly a democratic election and we were doomed from the beginning.

However, all is not lost!  Through a number of communications with Mr. Bruce Fleury, Skip Crosby and Paul McNabney it was determined that another club would be started, as John and his proselytized cohorts seemed to want to do, but the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association would be allowed to rise like a phoenix above all the nonsense that went on.  I have been told that we simply have to officially adopt the revised constitution and hold a new election of officers.  This voting would be done only by bona-fide paid-up 1995 and-or 1996 members.

Obviously, it is absolutely essential that we get everybody who qualifies as above out for this election in order to meet the guidelines laid down by the City if we wish to continue with their support as a Scarborough based, community minded association.  I would like to hold this election as soon as possible and will try to arrange a date that is mutually cooperative for all concerned.  Should you have any questions, please call me as S.A.P.

I do have a considerable amount of fishing tid-bits for you but we'll save them for the next bulletin which should be much more pleasant reading than this one.  In the meantime, I would definitely like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has supported me and the club throughout this difficult period.

Larry Johnson
Fred Leibl
Robert Voore
Fred Bigioni
Andrew Bigioni                                          
Paul Quarrington

Dorothy Quarrington                                            
Matt Ross

Pam Ross
Don Ross
Rod Sills
Donald Cox
Kip Van Kempen
Mary Van Kempen
Paul Kennedy
Tressa Kennedy
Craig Blundon
Sonia Blundon
Jon Gill
Leon Schwartz

                and certainly     Sheila Deval