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 THE REEL THING                                                                                May 1998


There is some fishin’ stuff for you all to read in this bulletin, but I’m certain that there is a lot more news out there for us all to enjoy - if only you would send in the information, or at least, call me.

We had several trips up to the lower Saugeen and Owen Sound harbour, back in April with Leon, Jim and Len.  The fishin’ was great, but the catchin’ not so, however we did manage to hook a few large rainbows which were subsequently ‘released’ - all but one beautiful big steelie which was played for about twenty minutes and brought into the shallows to be photographed by Leon as it was lifted from the water.  As we messed around trying to get the best position for pictures the Crocodile dropped from the trout’s mouth.  The fish didn’t even know he was free and simply lay there in eight inches of water while we debated what to do.  I wanted him on the line for the photos, so attempted to re-hook him in the lip.  Three times I tried without the fish even moving.  The fourth time he felt the hook he came back to life, exploded and disappeared.  Oh well!! 

On the very next cast we hooked another big trout, but it was ‘released’ as well.  This comedy of errors was repeated when we went back to the Saugeen with Jim.  We did manage to land a small salmon and a couple of trout though in Owen Sound.

An unfortunate incident happened to Leon while fly flishing at the mouth of the Beaver River at Thornbury.  Somehow or another, while changing flies, he dropped his double-sided fly box containing over a hundred of his efforts from the fly tying classes in the gym into the river and was unable to retrieve it with the swift current rapidly taking it out into Georgian Bay.  Jim made a gallant effort trying to help, but to no avail.  Ouch!!!   It just occurred to me what a lovely idea it would be if all our fly-tyers (including the kids) all tied up a half a dozen or so and gave them to Leon to replenish his loss - and as a thank-you for his instructional efforts in the gym all winter.

The ice-out trip, this year to the Land O’ Lakes, was enjoyed by five of us with Paul Kennedy catching the biggest, a gorgeous 24 inch rainbow.  Jim also caught fish and of course, Sheila did her thing, this year catching a nice four pound lake trout, then losing a very large one as the wind took our boat over her line. 

Opening day on the streams (Saturday) produced interesting results as well.  Craig Blundon checks in with an outstanding report of catching over twenty trout and up to twenty pounds!  This year, he claims to have photographic proof.  We’re looking forward to seeing the pictures.  Way to go, Craig!  He claims he also made a concerted effort to locate the 48 incher he put back in the swim last year.   Paul Kennedy and I hit Pefferlaw Creek and fought our way through a number of new swamps and  terrible quicksand (all caused by beavers)  to catch a half-dozen small stream trout - but nevertheless enjoyed the physically demanding outing.  Twice Paul had to come to my rescue and yank me out of the ooze, just about pulling my legs out of their sockets.  That stuff’s nasty…I had a groin pull that hurt for four days.  The next day (Sunday) Ashok and I fly fished the Ganny and although we saw a number of trout’ couldn’t raise them to the fly as they were obviously spooked from the previous opening day’s fishermen.

Then on Monday I dragged myself out of bed once again in the middle of the night to try a different spot on the Ganny and managed to land seven huge ‘bows.  I kept four for the smoker that weighed in over fifty pounds…..the biggest, 32” and 17 lbs. and lost a large, magnificently coloured stream brown which would have been close to 8 or 9 lbs.

Two more trips included Paul Quarrington fishing the Ganny with us and taking a nice 8 pound ‘bow and I a 15” brown.  Last Saturday, Jim and I decided to give A/B Lake a boo, fly fishing, great day but falling barometer and storm killed the action we were anticipating.

We are back on the water in Milliken Park this Wednesday, 5:30 to 8:30 and look forward to seeing a good turn-out of casters to refine their techniques now that we are outdoors again.  Don’t forget, the tournaments start in just a few weeks.  Call me or Paul Kennedy for information.  We would like to take a gang to St. Catharines for the first one on June 6th.  Our own Scarborough Championships at Milliken on the weekend of June 20th & 21st is the most important event for all our casters and we expect everybody to participate.  The accuracy events are on the Saturday and we will all come back for a B.B.Q. at our home.  Also, everybody is welcome to have a shower and dip in our new spa and hot tub as well.  Should be fun!  Bring a bathing suit or, if you wish, go naturelle.

We now have bamboo in stock along with a limited number of Super Z ferules, corks and reel seats.  Call me or Len if you want to set aside material for next fall’s rod building classes.  You will have to pay for the bamboo now, $40.00 each 12’ culm, enough for several rods.



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