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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  November 2000


            We would like to officially welcome our two newest members, Liz Atherton and Peter Harrison, both of whom are already hard at work learning how to become proficient fly casters.  They both were also involved in their initial fly tying sessions, while Peter has begun work constructing a split-cane fly rod (The Ganny) along with the others involved in that activy, Jan, John, Monica, Maureen, Jaydee, Jim, Allan, Tom and Ray.  If the number of folks making bamboo rods in the club continues to grow like this we may have to change the name of our association accordingly.

            It was a real treat for all of us to have Richard Sluce presiding over our initial evening session of fly tying in the gym, when Leon Schwartz, our occasionally-attending resident teacher and expert failed to show as promised.  Hopefully, Leon will be out for the next session, November 9th.  Nevertheless, Richard seemed to enjoy the responsibility and did a great job in his first endeavour of this nature.  The comments from those in attendance ranged from , “He’s cute,” to, “He exhibited wonderful patience with us,” and “I was amazed that with Richard’s help, I actually made my own trout fly!” And - not just any old trout fly, to boot!  Because Richard had made and sold so many Despairs over the summer, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind teaching and demonstrating his prowess to the others with this wonderful trout fly, which just happens to be one of the most difficult flies that we construct in the club.  Thanks again, Richard, for an excellent job, superbly done.

            It looks like our hope for another fall trip to Limit Lake with a group from the club is not going to come to fruition.  Our resident trout fishermen all seem to have extremely busy agendas in November - or find the rigours of the hike in to the lake, along with five or six hours of fishing from a boat not particularly to their liking.  However, there still are several who are considering the outing and it is to be hoped that we can muster a couple of folks to join us for another assault on the lakes big trout.  We are now proposing Saturday, November 16th for this jaunt.  Call as S.A.P. if you are interested.

            Long-time fishin ‘buddy and club member, Paul Quarrington is taking a break from his writing pursuits to play a little jazz with a few of his musical buddies at the Black Swan, a club on Danforth, just east of Broadview, on Saturday, November 11th.  The last time I heard Q playing a musical instrument was while we sat around a campfire, a thousand miles north-east of here on the Broadback River in Northern Quebec.  He had won a mouth organ for having caught the best trout of the day!  I wonder if the aesthetics of the Black Swan can possibly compare with the smoke and flames of our little campfire, the starkly black sky with its zillions of stars and brilliant flashes of Aurora Borealis, along with the sound of the rapids and waterfall adjacent to our camp.   I know we will enjoy the evening at the Black Swan regardless, listening to Paul playing again!

            Our in-house novice tournament is rapidly approaching.  There will be dinner prizes for the winners, courtesy of the Mandarin Restaurant, the best Chinese and seafood buffet in Toronto.  More good news for all our novice and new casters……..the best caster in the club over the past year, Jim Lloyd, has decided to move up into the “A” Class category, effectively removing him a probable third successive win in our novice club championship.  Jim will be scoring and assisting our “B” Class and newer members who should all be vying for the honours amongst themselves.  We hope that our EXCELLENT JUNIOR casters, Richard Sluce and Andrew Cockburn will be casting both the fly and plug targets along with the rest of our men and women.  The beautiful All-Round Championship trophy is up for grabs to whoever produces the best combined score, while the two dinner prizes go to the individual winners of the plug and fly games.  Circle Thursday, December 14th, our last day in the gym before the holidays, on your calendar and make this a must night for your attendance at the club.

            ******Also in December we normally have a bit of a club Christmas party, an evening when it is to be hoped, all our members will come out - with their families - for a bit of good food, fun and frolic.  We are asking for someone to come forward and offer to host the Christmas party, hopefully on either Saturday, Dec 16th or Sunday, the 17th ……….of course, the club would pay for the food and drinks.  But if anyone would like to contribute a plate of their own baked goods or whatever, it would certainly be appreciated as well.  In order to properly plan for the party we must know how many will attend.  Please call either Jim at 438.8540 or myself as S.A.P.  In case my last e.mail memo didn’t reach you, here is a copy for your consideration: 

  Hi everybody:

        Here are a couple of things for you to consider.

        First, I have had only one positive response to the Fall trip scheduled for Saturday, November 11th to Limit Lake and that was from Paulo Conceicao who asked if we could change it to a Sunday - so it is being re-scheduled to Sunday, November 19th.  Perhaps the change of date means that others might be able to join us.  If so please call me, or drop me an e.mail accordingly.


        The "Hummer" as Tom refers to my Chevrolet Caprice, is for sale. Sheila and I have just purchased a new vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee Wagonneer and will sell the Chev to the first person who makes us a reasonable offer.  As most of you know, the car will go almost anywhere the Jeep will go, recently passed its recent emission test and has a great engine.  Other than rusting on the body, it is in excellent condition and with its heavy-duty police option, would handle winter conditions far better than most of the vehicles sold today.  It would make a fine additional auto for someone who has the room for a second vehicle, perhaps as a beginner car for their sons, or a very safe car for simply tooling around in, or going through the bush to fish the Ganny - or A/B Lake.