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 THE REEL THING                                                                             November 2002

                October and the first weekend of this month produced some fine fishing moments for the anglers amongst our club crew.  As usual, Rick Matusiak lead the way with spectacular results fishing right out in the bay off the mouth of the Beaver River at Thornbury.  Because the dam in the Beaver is being replaced with a new fish ladder the river level and flow has been affected to the point where the salmon (earlier) and the trout now, are staging in the lake itself.

                The best fishing has been for those who are willing to risk life and limb by wading out to the tops of their chest waders, jumping when necessary as waves roll in towards them, and fishing the drop-offs out from the sand bars formed by the river currents.  Jay Hackney and Paul Kennedy also had success on the bows and salmon there, while Sharon, Leon and I put in an appearance and practiced our casting strokes.  Scott Owen and I worked the waters off the Bighead River for a couple of hours and Scott caught his biggest fish ever, a lovely 28” jack Chinnook salmon.  Scott, after tearing up his Achilles tendon in a fun soccer match, is on vacation with Sheena and his daughter Sharon visiting relatives in Scotland.  Hans Gulde is also out of the country for a few days in Switzerland assisting his family there with funeral arrangements.

                We would like to welcome a new member, Chris Whyte, about to join our club, although for one reason or another he has yet to actually appear in our midst.  Hopefully, Chris will soon be actively pursuing one or more of the disciplines that the rest of us enjoy participating in from week to week, fly tying, rod building, casting and fishing, etc. 

                It has been a short but rewarding mushroom season for our mycologically interested members with many feeds of these tasty treats being coughed up by Mother Nature for us to take advantage of.  We have Meadow mushrooms in abundance, along with delicious Coprinus Atrementarias (C.A.’s), Shaggies and others...........topped off last week by a find by Leon Schwarz and I of giant Meadows with caps as much as twenty-four centimetres in diameter.           

                Leon, Hans and Jim Lloyd have been hard at work passing on their fly tying skills to some of our newer members and the fruits of their labours are spectacular!  Great work, guys!  The bamboo boys have also been hard at work with several new wands nearing completion.  Jay – a Ganny fly rod, Ray and Paul Becker –  ultra-light spinning rods, Scott – a Broadback fly rod, myself – another tournament distance fly rod and so on.  I believe Mike Johnson, Robert Beaudoin and one or two others are also starting work on new sticks of their own.

                We haven’t had the pleasure of Paul Quarrington’s company in the gym for awhile, but he assures us that he will be in attendance for our annual Christmas kick-off party and competition on Thursday, November 14th.  Paul will probably be bringing his youngest daughter along to test her hand on the fly casting targets.  Speaking of the Christmas ‘do’, we have been given two lovely prizes of dinners for two at a couple of Scarborough’s finest restaurants, The Mandarin and Frankie Tomatos.  These prizes, along with several others, will be won on a lottery system.......everybody who throws at least one of the casting games throws their name in a hat and the winners are drawn at the end of the party.  Of course, the club trophy will once again also be up for grabs to the best of our novice and ‘B’ casters.

                We had an excellent fall club trout fishing trip to Haliburton, yesterday with ten lovely trout attacking our lures and flies and seven of them actually landed, including a wonderful 4 ½ pound rainbow falling to Ray Cockburn’s rapidly improving angling skills.  Ray also had an excellent summer on the Ganny this year. Paul Becker caught his best trout ever, a fine nineteen inch splake and Jim Lloyd and I also took home a nice feed of splake and bows.  We had to break a little shore ice from the edge of the lake to launch our boats, but that, the snowy day and cold weather didn’t seem to dampen anybody’s spirits and if the weather permits we may be launching the Jeep into the bush up there for a repeat performance next week as well.

                There are still several folks who haven’t got their club dues in as of yet, but I would like to specially thank all those who made the effort to get their dues in early this year to assist us with the club’s expenses, permits and so on.

                I hope that everybody has marked a big circle on their calendars around Thursday, November 14th, our annual party night at the school.  We will be getting underway at 6:15 that evening as we expect there will be a fine turnout.  There will be snacks and drinks supplied, but if others would like to bring along any other treats, I’m sure they would be well received by all of us.  This would also be a fine evening to bring a friend or relative along with you to meet the rest of us and see what we are all about.

                One of our newest members, Robert Beaudoin, is re-working our club web-page and so far it looks fabulous.  However, moving into new quarters has slowed him down a little and it’s not quite finished.  As soon as it’s completed, you’ll all be notified, accordingly.  Jaydee (Jim Davidson) is re-cuperating from his knee replacement surgery and hopefully will be able to make it to the party, but assures us that he will definitely be mobile for the up and coming ice fishing season.  I would like to invite Wil Wegman, one of the most popular men in our Ministry of Natural Resources department to come out as a guest and give us a little talk on alternative species to fish for other than the trout which we all so ardently pursue most of the time.  Wil is a renown expert an Lake Simcoe, small and large-mouth bass, crappies, lake trout, whitefish, pickerel and perch fishing and I am certain could give us some exciting tips and information on fishing for these in Lake Simcoe and elsewhere.........he might even include pike in his discussions.

                However, although the Reel Thing is being sent to Mr. Wegman, I won’t officially invite him until I receive at least a dozen confirmations of attendance from our folks to assure that his participation is a worthwhile one for him as well.  Please get back to me as S.A.P. accordingly.

                Tight lines and loops to all,