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   The Reel Thing – November '06


          Well after those exciting stories from Maria and Sharon in our October bulletin this will be a rather tame Reel Thing. However after much discussion as to where we should go for our Fall fishing trip this year and be under canvas, in trailers, motels or cottages, we opted for a weekend in the Land O’ Lakes area and cottages on beautiful Mosque Lake. I am sure many of you folks must have read some of the stories in my MEMORIES OF MAGICAL WATERS book on Mosque and the surrounding area.

          There were nine of us on this one and although the catching left a little bit to be desired, the fishing was fun and it was agreed by all that the weekend was an enjoyable one. There were few trout caught as we were in an extremely low pressure zone there for almost a week, with on and off sleet and snow flurries throughout the weekend. There were tons of tasty perch caught though with Paul and Maria starring in that department, but as usual, Sheila won the trip’s fish bet, five bucks each, with three pan-sized splake. Nevertheless, Jurgen, Lee and Dawn all reported hard strikes from rainbows. Jurgen reported that according to his fish-finder all the trout were stacked up on the lake bottom, obviously with lockjaw – to boot.

          Haven’t heard much from Rick Matusiak lately, but I’m sure we will soon as he enjoys fishing the steelies in the late fall up Georgian Bay way. Sharon, Patrick Walsh, Paul Quarrington and I had a fun day chasing the Chinooks around the Ganny until I finally teased one big galoot into hammering my Despair. Fishing with my tiny, cane, five and a half foot Ganny fly rod made for some exciting action for twenty minutes or so before it was released. Paul and Pat went back a few days later and Pat tied into a twenty-five pounder that he managed to lick in fifteen minutes even though his rod broke part way through the battle.

          For some reason or another, we seem to have a dearth of interest in our shop activities so far this autumn. Compared to this time last year when we were regularly getting ten or twelve folks out to work on the feathers and bamboo, we are averaging fewer than a half a dozen weekly in the shop this year… far. Another problem is with our membership dues payments. Almost half the folks in our club have not remitted their dues yet. If their dues are not forthcoming before the end of this month we will have to remove their names off our membership and mailing lists. It costs money to operate our club efficiently and our dues structure barely covers the entire cost factor. Please get them in to us soon, folks.


Tight Loops,