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The Reel Thing- November 2009



We just completed our annual FALL CLASSIC, a fishing and camping trip that always has become one of the club’s winners. This year we had decided to add a few wrinkles to the usual procedures. At first when we began kicking around the idea of using our 24’ camping trailer as the headquarters for the Fall trip, the suggestion seemed to have appeal for about half the folks who had initially contemplated going on this one. Sheila and I of course were quite happy with the idea but a number wanted to stick to the customary ‘under canvas regimen’ so we combined both with half the group opting out in favor of only Sheila and I sticking to the original trailer plan.

That left everything a little skewered in the usual and original plan to pitch camp as we had first planned at Beanpole Lake which has an ideal flat terrain while Sheila and I would stay in the trailer at nearby Ross Lake . Then things really began to unravel after the rest of the gang took off towards Beanpole as Sheila and I continued to set up the rest of our own camp.

While we were beginning to think about getting our own supper underway……surprisingly the rest of the crew suddenly appeared, bouncing down the trail through the bush towards with news that threw us for a loop completely. With Lee, Ray, Ivor, Jurgen and Robert stopped dead in their tracks by an army of approaching deer hunters, all brandishing an arsenal of deer rifles, trucks, A.T.V.’S and so on they absolutely forbade us to go any further towards our destination, Beanpole Lake.

After Lee, assuming the initiative ‘sweet-talked’ the upset the hunters disturbing their planned hunting territory then agreed that we would back track and establish a different camp well away from their intended territory and leave Beanpole to them.

After returning to us as Ross Lake, it was then agreed that Lee, Ray and the others would stake out another camp that the deer hunters offered them that they could set up their conditional camp instead. Gentlemen from Curry Bishop’s property, whom we all knew quite well all cooperated and as it turned out they were able to work it all out to everybody’s satisfaction and all ended without a ‘single shot being fired’.

The next morning, Sheila I and I met up to their new camp and we all continued to Limit Lake and prepared to begin the planned assault on the lake’s cold-waters denizens. It didn’t take long. I was still stringing up Sheila’s equipment then you could hear a war cry coming down from half-way down the lake, ‘FISH ON’.  As we both had walkie-talkies on the ready they were soon able to report, “Ivor has a nice two or three pounder, guys.”

There were trout, caught and lost all over the lake during the rest of the day. Some produced exciting battles for Sheila and our boat that took well over twenty minutes to land. We had both our Instaboats in action, Jurgen’s pontoon pedal boat and Lee’s little canoe. Bob was hauling in rainbows and splake from all over the lake, while everybody shared in the fun and excitement.

At noon, we took a ‘pee’ and lunch break where I began showing off my Broadback cane rod, whereby Lee, tying on a Leech streamer fly, passed the stick for Ivor to try it out…..within a moment or two he yelped, “Got one……looks like a trout, all right.”

Prior to that, the trout up to then were all either splake or rainbows, but after playing the fish carefully to protect the ‘old man’s’ cane rod it was eventually drawn in and we could then all easily see that the catch was a lovely, eighteen-inch speckled trout. It was properly measured, then released as unfortunately for Ivor, could not be legally kept.

Ivor, reported afterwards that the brookie was the biggest he had ever taken before that…… go along with the biggest rainbow also he had caught prior to that. All in all, when we counted the score at the end of the day, the total catch exceeded eighteen and a number of them were well over four pounds. As we are reporting this right now, I can tell you that I’ve already got a couple beautiful trout already ‘curing’ in Gravaaclaax in a large deep pan with the dill, herbs and all.

Next thing on the club’s agendae, is the rod building should be underway tomorrow evening…..and of course…..probably, fly tying…..and Leech’s.

For your information, theour club has been gifted with a superb collection of C.D.’s, D.V.D.’S etc. and they are all in the library’s shelf for all to use when they use.

Also, is should be reported that once again our dear friend, Roger Cannon, has given us at least a thousand dollars worth of rod and rod parts, guides, etc. from which we can easily build dozens of other rods for a variety of purposes…….many have already been scooped from the box, but there are lots more……help yourself, folks.

Hopefully we can get a few other ladies and gentlemen who would also like to have another shot at fishing Limit Lake with us before it freezes up for the winter……although we will be tuning up the Skidoos, too, pretty soon.