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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  November 1991


We have some exciting news to report....thanks to Steve Ryder we have a new junior member to tell you about.  His name is Mike Reynolds and after only a couple of visits to the gym he won the junior championship of our club for this year.  Way to go, Mike!

We sure could use more juniors....after all, they represent the future and where we are going with all our efforts.

Since our last bulletin, a few of us made several junkets to Haliburton in order to take advantage of the extended rainbow trout season up that way.  The first trip was to a little lake just about as far north as you can go without trespassing in Algonquin Park.  This necessitated a 4 wheel drive trip (Jim Lee's truck) through some extremely hilly and rough backwoods country.  In places the trail virtually disappears and in others consists of old corduroy roads.  However, Jim, Scott Purcell, Leon Schwartz and I lucked out with perfect 'Indian Summer' weather and enough action on the 'bows to keep us all happy.  It was left to Jim, though, to provide the proof of the puddin' as with the rest of our crew hooking a dozen or so beautiful trout, only Jim (Scott did catch one from shore while the rest of us snoozed) managed to actually land fish....and land them he did....six beauties!  This trip proved to be such a winner that we again struck out for the same lake a week or two later.

A slightly different crew, Jack Wilkings (sort of a club member) with his Jeep, Scott Purcell, Paulo Conceicao and I.  This was quite an adventure as one or more beaver dams must have given way in the hills above the trail and a half mile or more of the trail was under several feet of water.  In a couple of places the water came up to the top of the hood as we, already committed with no way to turn around, forded the deepest parts.  I think if the guys had had snorkels they would have had them at the ready.  Jack had asked me to drive and several times I glanced at him and although he said nothing he looked like he was about to keel over with another heart attack.  Don't show this REEL THING to your wife, Doris, Jack.  If she read this I doubt if she would let you go on these trips with us again.

Anyhow, we made it without any problems (great vehicles, those Jeeps) and although it rained on and off all day, everybody managed to catch at least one nice trout.  The return trip was just as exciting (we made sure that we got out before dark) and Jack also survived - ready to roll again on another day!

When the word spread around about the two great trips, it seemed that everybody wanted to jump on the wagon, so we then decided to try a little lake, less than two hours from Toronto, that was supposed to be loaded with rainbows.  This time, Rod Sills, Scott, Paulo, Dave Collins, Jim and I took off and much to everybody's chagrin discovered the lake to be pretty well frozen.  However, a half hour's work, or so, with the car-top managed to break an  opening large enough for the two smaller fold-boats to get across to the other side where there was still a corner of the little lake not covered with ice.

We had a cold, but gorgeous, day and the six of us got in a lot of casting practice but the trout had lockjaw on that outing.  There were a couple rainbows though that were foolish to put the bite on my Crocodile (I landed the smaller one - and 'released' the larger one, a 6 or 7 pounder).  At least we know that the lake, very easy to get to, right on the side of the highway, does truly harbour beautiful rainbow trout.

We held our annual closed club novice casting championship competition last night and it was a bang-up affair with a fine turnout and some super scores.  Paulo Conceicao was the overall winner, finishing first in the fly accuracy with a score of 97 and 84 in the plug accuracy.  His combined score gave him the All-Round Championship over Dave Collins, last year's winner, by just 2 demerits.  John Alexander finished in third overall, 6 strokes back of Dave.

Individual winners were: in Ladies Plug Accuracy - Sheila Deval with second place taken by Petra Radford.  Junior Plug - Mike Reynolds.  Accuracy Fly - 1st Paulo Conceicao; after a cast-off

2nd Fred Bigioni and 3rd John Alexander.  Accuracy Plug, Men - 1st

David Collins followed by Paulo 2nd, and John in 3rd place.  We had an entry of 14 casters and that certainly augers well for our participation in future competitions.

Coming up later this week is our first combination 'roast' and game dinner.  It looks like we will have 25 people out for this one and should be a lot of fun for everybody.  Many thanks here to the folks who helped out with the game - Jim Lee (Pheasants), Jack Wilkings (Moose) and Bill McClintock (Venison).

The Christmas party will be held again this year at our home on Monday, December 16.  There will be a small cost ($5.00) per head to cover costs ($2.00 for kids) and by 'popular request' we will be once again showing a couple of our fishing movies - unless somebody comes up with a better idea for entertainment.  Hopefully, as in past years, we can once again get Irene Johnston to give us a hand with the fixins.  If anybody has access to paper plates, cups etc., we would appreciate hearing from them.

There are still openings for our January 1st ice fishin' trip and weekend at beautiful Windermere Lodge, although we have to finalize this one soon.