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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  November 95

I suppose by now that most of you have heard that the Scarborough Fly & Bait Casting Association is in a sort-of transitionary period.  We are, however, functioning on the regular Wednesday evening basis, mainly fly tying and casting and hope to have news for you before too long about future plans and aspirations that we have for our club.  

We are beginning a recruiting drive and would appreciate your support in any way that you feel that you might be able help increase our membership.  Ideally, we operate most efficiently with our membership in the 25 to 30 range.  The City of Scarborough has suggested to me personally that they would love to have us host the 1998 World Championships and I am seriously considering the possibility.  Let me know what you think about this, please as S.A.P.

I still have Jack Wilking's fly tying cabinet and quite a few rods, reels, lines and stuff for sale.  If you are interested in seeing what's available give me a call.

Donald Cox, Fred Bigioni and I put together a number of excellent rods from some of the discards collected by Roger Cannon and Normark and given to us for our use.  These are free and there for our members' use.

Irene Johnson's husband, Stan, passed away last week after being ill for some time and suffering a severe heart attack.  Out of respect for Irene (as she has always been the main mover and organizer of our Christmas parties) we will not be having a club Christmas party this year but everybody is invited to drop in on Sheila and me over the holidays for a 'cup of tea' and cookies.  Just phone and let us know when you can make it.

I would like to offer special thanks, here, to those who supported me during the post-tournament period and through the problems that arose.  Obviously, the stress of that period, along with another club's raiding our membership to get themselves off the ground has left our own active participatory membership suffering for the moment, but we would love to see you starting to drift back to throw a few casts and tie a few flies with the rest of us whenever you wish.  

Finally, our in-house novice club championship will be held on Wednesday, December 6.  Great prizes, Certificates and the club Championship Trophy!