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 THE REEL THING                                                                                 November 1996


We are growing again!  Three new members to welcome into our club, Kyle Sullivan,  Jim Lloyd and Mike Crilly.  Young Kyle comes to us bursting with exuberance.  For such a young man he has already accumulated an abundance of knowledge about fishing and seems eager to absorb anything he can learn from us as well.  I am certain that Kyle will go a long way in both fishing and tournament casting if he continues to be a good listener and is willing to practice the skills he learns with us.  Jim is another new member who comes to us with his own fly rod and fly tying kit, but with only very rudimentary knowledge of how to get the best out of both.  He has already demonstrated though that he has the desire and patience to learn whatever he can from Leon and our other instructors.  Mike is our newest addition and with absolutely no previous fly casting experience is finding it easier than most to quickly absorb the lessons he is getting in the gym, both at the fly tying table, as well as the targets.    We all wish the three of you success in all your future fishing and casting endeavours.

The booth that our club assembled and manned at the Scarborough Town Centre was adjudged by everybody to be just about the most interesting one at the Ďdooí.  And obviously,  it was responsible for attracting our newest members.

We received a nice card from Don Cox out in Calgary the other day.  He is working hard on his university studies out there and has only managed to wet a line once on the Bow River since moving to Alberta.  Poor guy!  Maybe he will remember the great fishing to be had right here and move back after he graduates.   It was a shame to lose Don, one of our most ardent and helpful members in the past ten years.

Seven of us had a stimulating (another way of saying Ďbloody coldí) overnighter down to Eastern Haliburton to blitz another of Devalís ĎHot Spotsí!  Oh well, the general consensus was that a good time was had by all and nobody actually admitted that he, or she, had suffered frost-bite.  Although the temperature when we got up in the morning registered minus fourteen and we had to take the ice out of our rod guides after every cast, everybody seemed to be properly attired for the elements.  The catch of the day was registered by Paul Kennedy, a nice small mouth bass.  Perhaps the highlite of the day though was watching Len and Adam utilizing their double-haul fly casting skills from the upper deck of Lenís big boat.  When youíre that high above the water in the first place, itís easy to throw long lines all the way to shore, eh guys!  Anyhow the little trip, the cottage, the evening tackle clinic and the gang were all great.  Letís hope we can do it again for the brook trout opening, January 1.

***The big news is that we will be conducting a free fly tying and casting clinic and seminar at the school on the evening of December 11th.  Fred Bigioni has suggested several times that we do this  and we are finally getting around to it.  Letís hope that he and all of our members get out to give us a hand with the folks who will come to take advantage of this opportunity for an evening of free instruction.

***Also our in house club competition will take place on the evening of December 4th.  Our lovely annual challenge club trophy (won last year by Fred Bigioni) will be at stake and be awarded to the caster who turns in the best total score on rounds of both fly casting and plug casting on this evening.  It will be strictly an informal competition and fun for everybody, with super prizes and certificates for the winners.   Please make every attempt to take in this evening.......even if you donít compete, we will need your assistance.  Yes, we will have refreshments, too!  If we are lucky, we might even get Irene out for this evening.

Earlier I mentioned the January 1st trip.  I forgot that we have quite a few new members who are not aware of this one.  We book a cottage at Windermere on Kennesis Lake (Giant Hot-tub and all) for Friday and Saturday night.  Two days of ice fishing and skidooing into A/B Lake for big brookies.  This trip can be a lot of fun and the fishing exciting (catching, not guaranteed).  Total cost $100.00 (Breakfast, Saturday & Sunday, Lunch, Saturday and Supper Saturday, all included)  There is only room for eight on this one and we must have confirmation and fifty dollar deposits by December 4th if you want to join us.  It will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those members who havenít been lucky enough to have been getting out to the gym this fall are missing out on a great gang.  We are having a lot of fun and you should make every effort to get out and throw a few - or - tie a few with the new members and the rest of us.