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 THE REEL THING                                                                             October 2003

          We are already a month into our fall & winter season in the club, with rod building and casting evenings well underway. Our first fly tying night will be next Tuesday, October 7th, with our second night in the gym the following week, Thursday the 16th. Hopefully we will experience good attendance for these evenings. If you are unable to attend for one reason or another, a call or e.mail note would be appreciated.

          We must take this opportunity to welcome our newest member, Harold Higdon, who joined the club on his first visit to the gym to toss a few flies with the rest of us. Harold appears to be a quick learner and should be giving some of our hot-shots a run for the money by the time our first tourney rolls around during the Christmas ‘do’.

          Not a great deal to report on the fishing front this month, but I should mention that the club’s most avid angler, Sharon McIntyre, who when she realised that her favourite trout streams were about to be closed to her assaults with the September 30th season closures, fished every piece of water within fifty miles of the city in September. She caught a number of trout to go with some jumbo Lake Simcoe perch when she gave the streams a rest one day, but her best story took place on Duffins Creek while looking for a steelie.  I think her report to me on that outing went something like this,

          “You won’t believe what happened to me this morning, Gord! I was fishing Duffins hoping for a rainbow and just having missed one moments earlier was kind of jumpy for what happened next. I hate to tell you this but I was fishing with a worm and float and had just tossed the rig out again when there was a furious splash beneath an overhanging willow tree branch that had looked like a good spot to me. Then I immediately saw a huge snake that had leapt out of the tree about to grab my worm that hadn’t sunk beneath the surface yet. I screamed, threw the rod down on the ground behind me, jumped back, picked it up then quickly reeled in and got the Hell out of there.”

          Great story, Sharon! Thanks. Ray Cockburn and Paul Kennedy have been working the Ganny over pretty good recently with excellent results on the browns along with a few ‘bows. I think Ray is leading that contest with fifteen and sixteen-inchers to his credit in September. The Ganny was kind to me, too, in September producing browns up to 20 inches. Haven’t heard from Rick lately about his exploits, but he is probably having a heyday on the Georgian Bay streams he frequents for steelies – that is when he can force himself to break away from ogling the bath-tub size pond in his back yard resplendent with three or four brookies and a brown that are all over twenty inches and approximately four pounds. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this remarkable Rick Matusiak project you should contact him soon and arrange a visit as the trout will soon be spawning and Rick’s threatening to turn them all loose – no he won’t say where. Sorry.

          We managed to drag Paul Kennedy away from his time consuming current project (he and Tressa bought a lovely, older house and are quite busy fixing it up in their spare moments) for a day of fishing the Bighead and Beaver River area. Nothing to bring home but mushrooms and puffballs, but we both had momentary thrills with big ‘bows. Mine was knocked off by a careless toss of another fisherman’s rig on top of the taut line while I was playing the big steelie. Paul’s was on for two or three seconds before it jumped and returned the lure to him.

          I have heard little from the troops about the proposed Thanksgiving weekend trip so that one will be history if we do not have some positive response in the next few days. However, several folks have already begun making plans for an assault on Beanpole and Limit Lakes before freeze-up, so if you’re interested in participating on these with us, please let Jim or me know as S.A.P.

          Earlier I mentioned that Paul and I scored a few baskets of delicious fungi on the way home from Georgian Bay last Sunday. Although there have been very slim pickin’s on the fungal front in the past couple of months, they are now popping up all over the place. Sheila and I are enjoying the fruits of these labours almost daily now. There are still a number of folks who have yet to get their dues in. With the increased operating costs facing us this year it would be appreciated if this oversight can be attended to as S.A.P.

On behalf of the rest of the folks in our club I would like to offer any of the other casters in our area who may, or may not have a place to practice now for one reason or another and that includes any and all existing clubs in and around Toronto the opportunity to work out with us as our guests in our facility several times this winter at no charge to them at all. We know that they would do the same for us if the situation were reversed.