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 THE REEL THING                                                                               October 2004



In case you haven’t heard, the 2005 North American Fly and Bait Casting Championships will be held on the first week of August in Dundee, Michigan, about a half-hour west of Toledo, Ohio, or if you wish, about an hour’s drive from Detroit. This is the premier casting event in North America and draws some of the finest casters in the world to test their mettle against each other.

Just watching some of these gals and guys, like Alice Gillibert, Steve Rajeff, Henry Mittel strut their stuff makes attending this event worth the effort. But – and it’s a big but – every now and then they get knocked off their perch by one of the lesser lights, such as at least a half a dozen of the folks in our own Scarborough club. Along with many of the smaller clubs in the States and Canada, I know for a fact that we have a few skilled members who could rise all the way to the podium in these championships.

However, even if they didn’t medal, just finishing in the top ten or so in North America in any competition should be considered a real ‘feather in their cap’ and I firmly believe that we have a number of folks who could easily be in that position. Here’s something for all the folks to think about: Sheila, even with all her problems, has won a number of bronze, silver and gold medals, along with at least a dozen plaques for finishing in the top six in the ladies plug accuracy events.

If she could do it, you know darn well that you could, too! So let’s see a concerted effort by all the folks in our club to take their games (casting games, that is) to their highest level between now and next August and go to the ‘National’ with confidence and determination to do well – and have a good time while doing it.

          Ray and Jim had a wonderful wrap to the Ganaraska River season a week ago, with brown trout and Chinooks. They both caught a number of browns with Ray catching, landing and releasing one of the best browns we’ve heard of from the Ganny in several years, a twenty-four incher, pushing the scales past the four pound mark. They both had tussles with the salmon, but using the ultra-light equipment we normally do on small streams found it almost impossible to prevent the big Chinooks from ‘busting’ their tackle, although Jim did manage to land several up to fifteen pounds or so.

          Meanwhile, Pat Walsh and I had another great day of casting practice on a trip to the Saugeen River which was also full of Chinooks. It was difficult, but we both managed to avoid hooking the salmon in order to concentrate our efforts on the rainbows in the river…….the trouble was there were none! Oh well, Patrick has proven to be a fighter and patient and hopefully he and I will break out of our fishing funk when we hike our buts up to Haliburton in a few weeks to do battle on Limit and Beanpole Lakes.

          Speaking of which, who would like to join us for one of these jaunts to Haliburton? Paul Kennedy and I both have Jeeps now and Harold and Jim have canoes to go with my two Instaboats, so we could mount a serious challenge to the trout up there on one of the up-coming Saturdays. Just get in touch with Paul, Jim or me and we’ll set it up. I have the photos from our recent Broadback trip, mine and Rick’s and if you haven’t seen them yet, come out to one of our shop nights for a look-see. Mine are okay, but Rick’s are sensational. I can’t wait to see the new video movie he is working on.

          Robert Tanaka and Paul Becker have got the bamboo flying in the shop and Hans Gulde, just back from Switzerland, will get the feathers flying for those wishing to learn how to fashion their own trout, bass and pickerel flies, next Tuesday. We are back in the gym on Thursday October 14th, so let’s give the targets a shellacking that night. Bring your own equipment or use ours, but most importantly, bring yourself.

          Almost half our membership dues have already come in and I thank you all for that……hopefully the remainder will be coming along shortly as well. Here’s something else for your consideration: bring a friend, relative or whomever out to one of our meetings as our guest and if he or she joins the club, you’re invited to join us on our next trout fishing trip at no cost. We’ll provide lunch and pay for the gas.

          My newest book, MAGICAL WATERS AND MEMORIES is rapidly nearing completion and I’m looking for either a publisher, or an agent. If anybody has any personal contacts along that line (nudge, nudge, Paul Quarrington) please get back to me soon. This is by far the best work I’ve  done so far and a great read!

          *A reminder; I have supplies, purchased from the A.C.A. in Kentucky, accuracy flies, plugs and leader kits that are for sale on a first-come-first-served basis.