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The Reel Thing
October 2008



It’s going to be a pleasure to finally getting back to putting together the Reel Thing after a little hiatus when we hit a bit of a road-block over the question of ceasing – or – continuing writing the venerable club bulletin. I have, however, decided to carry on so as to learn what sort of reaction will arise. Will it be the hoped-for one where we will be able to stuff news and tid-bits about fishing, casting and general club news that we deem to be worthy of the effort required to make the bulletin for our many fans and readers or the Reel Thing.

I suppose that the meeting we held a meeting to discuss a number of things should be addressed first. We learned rather quickly that – yes – the clubs` future is secure, at least for now was easily determined through the excellence response and the attendance here for the get-together. We still have not the expected number of calls from our men and women but I am sure that will improve soon.

First: a little summary. We did receive a lovely long letter from one of our dearest and long-time buddies, Jurgen Brech, who had a difficult abbreviating his letter to us, but simply to say, he is extremely pleased to have learned that things have returned to normal in the club. Although Jurgen had a tough time in the last six months or so with his wife's illness and being out of work for awhile, he still easily led the parade in the casting and fishing department. Jurgen won medals in every tournament that he participated in this summer and caught almost unbelievable numbers of trout right from `opening day` until the season ended. On his last outing, wetting a line with Ray Cockburn, he and Ray both caught and released a number of lovely trout and salmon.

We also did get one other reply to our queries from Brian who did report several good outings on the streams, but not a lot to tell us about though in the catching department. Bert Colp éx also chimes in with another tale about what he swears what had to be the biggest fish in the universe. The brute boiled on the surface then took off in moments before it was about to empty the line on his spool before the line parted. Bert was still shaking rather violently when he called in to report. Another report from Sharon was sent in that must certainly also warrant reporting….certainly warranting a as highlight in her fishing career to date was a catch of a five and a half-pound small mouth bass to go along with several three and four pounders. Way to go Sharon .

Next on the club agenda will be the FALL CAMPING AND TROUT-FISHING. We will be after those wonderful trout swimming in Beanpole and Limit Lake on the weekend of October 17th 18th in Haliburton.  Still room for others to join us if you wish.

Suffice to say there was much to talk about in regards to the Broadback River trip we were on back a month or so, but I will leave this to your quandary and curiosity about this one…..and maybe one or the `08 Broadback would care to scribble a few lines themselves for us to put down for us to report for the next Reel Thing.

`til then,




The Reel Thing

October 2008