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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  October 1991


Our club is growing again, we have three and a half new members.  A big welcome from all of us to Steve Ryder, an ardent fly fisherman who came aboard to polish up his casting techniques.  Steve has already proven to be quite an asset to our club with his enthusiasm.  He is one of the first to show up on Monday night so that he can help us out with the equipment and one of the last to leave, for apparently the same reason.  Steve is also a fly tying  afficionado, which will be appreciated by everybody. Fresh ideas are always welcome.  

Mike Dinner, one of the original half dozen of us who formed the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association, six years ago today, has rejoined the club after a four year hiatus when he moved all the way to Alliston (just to be closer to the Nottawasaga River).  Mike has been through a lot over the last few years, but his determination pulled him through and we're all tickled pink to have him back in the fold!  Just for the record - and all our newer members that might not know Mike - he and I have been fishin' buddies for many years and you should all know that this guy is one 'Hell of a fine all-round angler!'       

We are also fortunate that Mike brought along another fishin' buddy

of his to also join the club and work on his fly casting, Doctor Bill McClintock.  Bill, as I understand it anyhow, had to pretty well give up his practice and retire because it kept interfering with his fishing trips with Mike.  We are going to put Bill on the spot one of these Monday evenings to regale us with stories about some of the fabulous trout fishing trips he has participated in all over the world.

Although the three new members of our club all have something to offer, as well as to possibly learn, our other 'new' member (the half referred to earlier) arrived just a little too late to be welcomed in our last bulletin.  Congratulations, Debbie!  Devin Durnford joins us, complements of Debbie and Peter and along with his brothers Kyle and Jamie a few years from now will comprise a whole casting team by themselves.  Peter swears that Devin is the last......he says he has missed out on too many of the club trips because of poor timing on his part with his baby-making.

Things are well underway in the Gym on Monday evenings, with plug casting, fly casting and fly tying going great guns.  The rod building group should also be in action pretty soon.  Paulo Conceicao's first effort at bamboo rod making is rapidly nearing completion and it looks like it will be a beauty.  Jim Lee is taking orders and making arrangements to bring in a load of fresh bamboo culms for us to split and turn into works of art.

Our annual club novice tournament, won by Ela and Dave Collins last year, will take place on November 25th and the Christmas party is scheduled for December 16th.  We will give you more information in the next Reel Thing.

North Jory informs us that his casting protege, Matt easily captured the title in his division in a casting tournament at St. Catharines and just last week proved that he is no slouch in the fishin' department as well by catching a number of small mouth bass in Haliburton between two and four pounds.  Matt also caught and released a small musky which brings to mind Rod Sill's sad story.  It seems that Rod was practicing his casting stroke on his dock up on the French River when a musky "As big as my car!!!" grabbed his offering.  Ed's note: He drives a small car.  Oh well! Just as he did in New Brunswick with the 'gigantic' Atlantic salmon that he hooked off the dock, he promptly 'released' it!

Leon Schwartz, Peter Durnford, Sheila and I wound up the speckled trout season at A/B with an absolutely gorgeous fall day of fly casting - but little success.  It was left to Leon to save the day so that WE could honestly say that WE weren't skunked.

We are making initial arrangements for a club ice fishing trip to Haliburton for the re-opening of the trout season.  Probably to Windermere......just love that giant hot tub!  As usual, the first eight members to get their deposits ($50.00) in will be the lucky ones.  This is a weekend junket and although we don't have the final cost of this one, as the lodge is under new ownership, it should be between $100.00 and $125.00.

Leon's wife, Gail, is off to Israel to visit their daughter for a month so it is safe to assume that he would be receptive to all and any offers to wet a line for the next few weeks.  Call him at 495.8180.

See you at the gym.  Our new hours are 6:30 to 9:30 Monday evenings.