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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  October 1992


Where is everybody?  We have been in our new quarters at the Samuel Hearne Sr. school gym for over a month now and many (in fact, most) of our members have yet to make an appearance for the Wednesday evening sessions!  Come on, guys and gals, it's difficult to maintain enthusiasm if we don't get a decent response from ALL our members and not just the few of us who hardly ever mis a meeting.

Those who have been coming out can appreciate the better lighting, easier access and great cooperation from the school in terms of the use of the workshop, tables and general all round appreciation of our club and its activities.  We have settled into our new agenda quite nicely with casting every night, of course, plus fly tying every second week, alternating with rod building lessons.  There are still one or two culms of bamboo left and all those who have already received their bamboo from Jim Lee should be coming out before the rest of us get too far along to catch up on the instruction and format.  If you miss out on this you will be quite disappointed as the rods turned out under this program in the past could easily command as much as a thousand dollars if you had to buy them from commercial rod makers - and even more importantly -they are far superior to ANYTHING you could purchase elsewhere.  The total cost in building one of these bamboo beauties is approximately fifty dollars!                                  

The fly tying sessions to date featured two of my personal favourites, the Gold Muddler and, of course, the Despair.  We will be getting instruction on the Wooly Bugger from Mike Dinner and on basics from Dave Brown over the next while and it is to be hoped that Leon will teach us all the secrets of building his deadly Michigan Wigglers.

Roger Harwood, John Alexander and I tried on the BigHead River for size last week and put together some interesting video footage of a 37 inch, 17 pound salmon that was foolish enough to challenge us.  Paulo and I wound up the inland stream trout season with a couple of lovely browns that provided dinners for our respective families.  Roger, John, Paulo and I have been doing our best to clean up all those mushrooms that have been proliferating the countryside this fall.  These efforts have provided some gourmet feasts for the four of us.

As most of you have already heard, our Kids' Fishing Day was a great success and a vote of thanks should go to Scott Purcell, Peter Durnford and Leon Schwartz for all their help in looking after the gang.  A usual, the trout could have been more cooperative, but enough fish were caught by the kids to make for a most enjoyable outing and one that I am sure they will remember for the rest of their lives.  A special thank you must go here to the Pine Valley Trout Farms for making their splendid facility available to our club for this purpose.  This is a fantastic place to wet a line and those of you who don't spend all their angling hours on the streams, but would still like to spend a couple of hours in a superlative location with tremendous fishing at their fingertip, should give us a call for a brochure and the details of an excursion to this 'TROUT HEAVEN'.

We received a nice submission for the Reel Thing from Steve Ryder after our last plea.  Thank Steve; let's hope some others take the hint as well.

Steve writes, "It's a damn shame that fishermen have to seemingly go out of their way to despoil our magnificent streams, lakes and their shorelines with styrofoam coffee cups, worm containers, beer cans and other assorted junk and garbage.  I've spent most of the summer picking up thi crap and although I've made a few bucks on the beer cans and bottles it saddens me when I head out for a couple hours on the water to see all this crap all over the place.  Let's all do our part in this respect, to keep Ontario beautiful."

Well said, Steve!  Steve also passes on his tip of the month.  "Why don't you flytyers take a moment after completing a fly - while it is still in your vice - and sharpen the hook.  It will pay dividends in the long run.

As most of you may have heard by now, our club is considering hosting the North American Fly & Bait Casting Championships in 1994.  This is a week-long event and we would appreciate your input and comments in this regard as soon as possible.  We will be having a meeting, hopefully next month to discuss this further.

Well, yesterday brought the first snowflurries and a reminder that winter is just around the corner.  The trout season in Haliburton opens on January 1.  Anybody interested in a weekend trip to Windermere Lodge for a little ice fishing and hot-tubbing?  We need at least eight to put this one together.  S.A.P. please.

Our Christmas party this year will be held at the school - probably December 16th.

Our in-house club tournament for members only is scheduled for November 25th.  Better come out and get in a little practice for this one.

Just a little reminder that the club has an interesting little library of its own that you are welcome to peruse at your leisure.  Contact John Alexander, our resident librarian.