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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  October 1993


We are nicely settled into the school for our indoor season and have already had fly tying, rod building and leader construction sessions with lots more to come in our somewhat expanded agenda for this year.  If you are one of the unfortunate few who have yet to participate in our indoor fall activities this year, then you have missed valuable pointers and instruction in the above mentioned pursuits.  However, all is not lost, as you can quickly catch up to the rest of us, while also honing your casting skills without the distractions of wind, rain and so on.  Simply make a concerted effort to join us in the gym and workshop at our winter headquaters, the Samuel Hearn Senior School (Pharmacy & Danforth) on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30.  Those who have yet to show up at the school are also missing out on some great stories emanating from the more loquacious fishermen in the club.

Leon Schwartz, Fred Leibl, Dave Usher and others continue to make their impressions on the brown trout of the Grand River with fine results being achieved by all parties on flies tied by themselves.  It's gratifying to hear these stories and realize that most of the expertise utilized in their sport was learned at the Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association!  One of the better Grand River outings was experienced by Ron Bolton and Roger Harwood just last Sunday while dodging rain clouds.  They both hung a number of beauties on their feathered creations and Ron swears that he came close to taking a brownie bigger than the trout that the Ganaraska River produced this past summer for a number of us.  Namely, Dave Collins' 19"er, Paulo Conceicao's 18" and several over 20" that I was lucky enough to bring to heel.

Dave, his wife, Ella, their 2 1/2 y. old son, Maurice, Sheila and I wound up the season with an outing to A/B.  We got absolutely soaked for our efforts but, unbelievable the five of us had a great time although the speckles pretty well had lockjaw.  Sheila and I each raised two pounders though with a lot of coaxing.  Peter Durnford, Steve Ryder, Ron Bolton, Paulo Conceicao, Dave Collins and I tested the waters a couple of times at the Saugeen River and took a number of tasty pink salmon and giant chinooks, of course, up to thirty pounds!  Geat sport in the Saugeen's fast water!

We are still trying to put together an overnight camping trip to Beanpole for sometime in October-November.  Thee are at least four guys with 4 x 4's in the club, so we should be able to promote at least one of them to partake in this one.  The trip would be a ball with possibilities of great fly fishing for rainbows up to 7 pounds!  Please let me know if yoou are interested in this one.

If we are going to have our customary season opener, ice fishing for speckled trout trip to Windermere, this year (January 1st & 2nd) then we must book the cottage within the next few weeks.  This is a fun weekend and usually produces the largest brookies of the year.  The evening sessions in Windermere's giant hot-tub after skidooing and fishing outside all day are only one of the treats on this weekend.  Meals, accomodation (2 nights) are included in the package price ($120.00)  We require a minimum of eight on this trip in order to maintain the low price.  First-come, first-served, so please get your deposit (50.00) in to me as soon as possible if you are interested.

Don't forget the club indoor novice championship coming up soon.  Past winners include John Alexander, Dave Collins, Brad Allen, Paulo Conceicao.