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 THE REEL THING                                                                                   September 2000


I guess that by now you know that we have solved the dilemma tossed our way by the Toronto and District School Board and will be back in the gym next Wednesday.  I hope that all our members show their appreciation for Jim’s and my efforts by showing up at the school in decent numbers.  We have a few new folks in the club who joined at Milliken in the summer and I know that they would like to meet the whole gang on their own first visit to the gym.

We will be bringing the fly tying equipment in case anyone wants to work on the fur and feathers and will attempt to determine how many folks want to work on the bamboo, building rods so that we can organise the time frame for that activity as well.

Also, on opening night, we will see how many folks are interested in a fall trip for trout and salmon - either a one day shot, or a weekend overnighter.  Hopefully there will be more interest in this one than there was in the proposed Labour Day trip to A/B Lake.

***The fishing tackle auction scheduled for next Sunday afternoon (beginning at 1:00) should be the highlight in your week’s activities.  As we mentioned in an earlier notice, there will be major bargains to be had, along with a few laughs, drinks and snacks.  It’s an opportunity to get stocked up on a lot of basic equipment along with some of the big stuff.  Please make a determined effort to come to my place at 23 Willowhurst Crescent.  There should be enough seating for everybody, but if you want to bring a folding chair with you, it might be appreciated after all.

Despite repeated cajoling on my part of our members to send in a summary of their summer’s fishing efforts, we didn’t receive a single report!  Come on fellows, was it really that bad.  I have heard that Richard Sluce caught a beautiful four and a half pound bass near the family cottage, but that’s all I have in the way of fishing reports other than our periodic assaults on the Ganaraska River with various club members.  Jim, Paul K, Ray and I hit the Ganny a couple of weeks ago with Jim and Paul fishing the lower stretch, while Ray worked over the upper waters.  Jim’s team took a couple of bucks from our squad for the biggest brown, a gorgeous twenty-one incher that would have checked in well over three pounds, but was carefully put back in the swim.  Our best was a seventeen inch brown, but I figure that the four of us probably caught around fifty rainbows and browns for another memorable Ganny day.

            The highlight for us was that this was Ray’s initial go at stream fishing for trout - with the Ganaraska River is notorious for putting a quick damper on one’s first exposure to this type of fishing - but Ray, claims that he enjoyed every minute of the experience.  He caught a number of trout and managed a couple nice enough for the pan as well.  The proof of Ray’s exuberance came a couple of weeks later when he called and suggested another jaunt to the fabled Ganny.  I decided to really test Ray’s mettle by taking him to one of the most difficult sections of the river to negotiate, the Allen Sheppard stretch and despite his disappearing into a variety of holes and cut-outs underfoot and on the stream-bank, he survived and is rapidly becoming as much of a nut about this type of fishing as I am.  We saw a lot of really big trout on that outing but managed to catch only the little guys.  Now if you folks enjoyed reading the previous fishing reports, you must see why we would really love to get a little more variety into the next Reel Thing with at least a few simple summaries of your own summer fishing adventures.

Ashok Kalle called to inquire if any of my bamboo rods were going to be included in the auction next Sunday and after a moment’s thought I assured them that, yes, there would be some included in the sale……………perhaps there are others who would like to bid against Ashok. 

See you on Thursday at the gym………and Sunday at my place,