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 THE REEL THING                                                                                   September 2001

            Donít know about you folks, but boy that seemed like an awfully short summer season of fishing and casting to me. 

Rick Matusiak, Paul Kennedy, my son Ron and I just returned from a sensational fishing, canoeing and camping trip to the Broadback River in Northern Quebec.  It was Paulís fourth to the Broadback, Rickís second, Ronís first and my twenty-first.  The results were spectacular, over 25 Brook Trout in the Ďmountieí class, i.e. specks over  four pounds, or 22Ē.  Pickerel up to five pounds or so were also quite numerous and along with the trout provided splendid gourmet fare for our menu.

            Rick, in between working with his camera and video equipment, starred, catching more than the rest of the crew, but Ron took top honours, releasing without fan-fare a gorgeous male brookie in the 27Ē, 6 Ĺ to 7 lb. Class.  We are all eagerly awaiting the results of Rickís film making, having enjoyed his first Broadback film many times with our mouths agape. 

My new book, BROOKIES, BROWNS and BOWS will be on the shelves October 6th.  Iíve seen the advance copy and donít mind saying, it looks great!

             We have good news for our members.  For a little while back in the summer it appeared that the club might have to fold when the Toronto and District School Board informed us that all clubs and association utilising school facilities would have to maintain a liability insurance policy in order to receive their permits.  This was in addition to the large rentals that we had to endure last year.  The cheapest policy that we were able to come up with was $750.00 annually, a little less than the $1,000.00 average that was being offered.  That was incomprehensible for our club, but after considerable negotiating and meetings we have been able to look after this for less than $150.00.

            However, the T.D.S.B. insisted that now our rental payment etc. be paid annually and right up front before we move into the gym.  Therefore we have to change the date for annual dues payments from January 1st - to October 1st, to more or less coincide with the mid-September school opening dates.  I know we are asking you to pay your dues a few months earlier this year, but they will still be good annually with the next dues date, twelve months later, October 1, 02. 

This might not have been necessary if all the club dues owing had been paid, but unfortunately there are still a few folks who have not looked after them this year.  Accordingly, I have had to dip into my own pocket in order to get our permit for our opening night at the school next Thursday evening.  For our newer members, a reminder, we meet in the double gym at the Robert Service Senior School on alternating Thursday evenings, commencing next week September, 13th ,  hours approximately, 6:00 to 9:00. (If possible, please bring your dues cheques with you)

Please make a real effort to attend the first evening as we have much to discuss about the season itinerary - and fishing trips, etc. Speaking of which, I am hoping to go up to Meaford to do a little rainbow fishing this weekend, either tomorrow or Sunday, if anyone would care to join me.  Also, we hope to have a camping weekend in Haliburton on Thanksgiving weekend, either at Beanpole, Limit or A/B Lake.  We will discuss these as well as other potential trips to the Saugeen River and the opening of the trout ice fishing season, January 1st .

The rod building sessions will begin on Tuesday, September 18th  in my shop and if all agree, will alternate weekly with fly tying sessions (as suggested by Jaydee).  This will all be discussed and hopefully finalised in the gym next Thursday.

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation,