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 THE REEL THING                                                                               September 2003


Hi everybody:

                The biggest news that I have to report is the arrival of our newest club member, a baby brother for Keon Jin. Congratulations to Kim, Wil and Keon.             Nothing new to report on the fishing front except Robert Beaudoin and I took a crack at Limit Lake a few days ago. The sum total of our ‘catch’ was two…….giant bullfrogs, that is. The trout had lockjaw, never the less, the frogs’ legs were delicious sautéed in a shallot, parsley and butter sauce with a dash of lemon juice in the French manner. We normally use an electric thermometer to find the trout this time of year, but carelessly left it in the shop, after showing it to Robert before we left – at two in the morning, I might add.

            Paul Becker is in Algonquin Park this weekend and Ray should  be back from his cottage. Hopefully we’ll have more fishing success to report in the next bulletin. Oops, almost forgot, Sharon caught, filleted and fried up a three pound smallie after fighting off a couple of hundred rock bass. Jim, back from his vacation in Northern Ontario managed to catch a few small lakers and a pike of two, but little action in the way of brookies. Rick Matusiak reports that the brookies he’s growing in his mini-pond in his back yard are approaching four pounds, over 20” and probably getting ready to spawn.

            Maybe we should either all go fishing in Rick’s back yard, or head for Upper Michigan, where good friend and fellow tournament caster, Jim Chapralis, reports he is having a field day fly fishing at night for large resident browns. I have yet to have the pleasure of wetting a line together with big Jim, but have seen him cast over the last couple of years and if he’s as good on the streams as he is in competition, I’m sure it would be a pleasure to partner him on the water.

            I have been sending out memo after memo to our club members attempting to get back my favourite killer spinning lure, the Stoplight, all to no avail. I have made all kinds of offers without a positive response and here’s the final offer: I’ll pay the annual club dues of the kind soul who returns the lure, preferably before mid-September. If you do not wish to admit that you have the lure and are willing to forfeit the offer of payment of your club dues, why don’t you just remove the split rings and hook, wrap it a couple of tissues and mail the damn thing back to me – without your return address on the envelope!

            Once again, I would like to thank Mike Johnston, Sharon McIntyre, Paul Becker, Ray Cockburn, Hans Gulde, Sheila and Jim Lloyd. These folks supported our program at Milliken Pond on every chance that they could, rain or shine and it is much appreciated by all of us in the club.  We will be moving into our winter headquarters in a few weeks and commencing activities in the shop in mid-September as well. An itinerary should be forthcoming shortly. Don’t forget our offer of a $25.00 discount on your club dues (coming up in September) if you introduce another party to the club and they come aboard.

            If you’re interested in joining a few of us for a Thanksgiving weekend fishing trip, please contact either Paul Kennedy or me as S.A.P. so that we can book a cabin or two and get it organized. For those fine folks who have been commiserating with me over my medical problems over the past year, I wish to thank you all for your encouraging comments and wishes of good luck. Unfortunately, now a recent M.R.I. has the doctors convinced that an operation is necessary if I am to get the thumb on my casting hand back to normal – probably late in the fall. If anyone out there happens to know if Kevin Carriero is holding his tournament in Buffalo this fall, please get back to me so that we can muster a few casters to attend. Kev. always runs a nice show and it’s only an hour and a half drive for us in Scarborough.

            I’m still awaiting word from a few of the folks as to who wants to do what in the shop when we get underway in a couple of weeks.