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 THE REEL THING                                                                               September 2004

Hi everybody:

          Just a few months ago I wondered if I would ever be able to cast competitively again and just as important, even fish, especially on the Broadback River in Northern Quebec. Well, as you probably read in the last bulletin, Sheila and I did cast in the National Championships in Kentucky last month and my buddies, Paul Kentucky and Rick Matusiak and I just returned from another wonderful trip to the Broadback……and yes we caught enough brookies and pickerel to eat, but we still haven’t caught Mister Big…..maybe next year.

We know it’s there and have visual proof in Rick’s fabulous underwater movies, which if you haven’t seen yet, give me a call and we’ll arrange it for you. Rick also shot another couple hours of film on the Broadback which he will be editing and assembling before too long and hopefully we can all get together for an evening for a look-see.

          Ray Cockburn and I had a nice outing on the Red River stretch of the Ganny a few weeks ago and had a few thrills with really big resident browns, but, alas, couldn’t keep even one of them on the line. Only a couple of weeks left there before the Chinooks move upstream. Then the brownies go into seclusion until the salmon go back to the lake. Please give me a report if you get out to give it a go so I can spread the word to our other fishermen and gals.

          A few days before we took off for the Broadback, I had the pleasure of wetting a line once again alongside Pat Walsh, the editor of Outdoor Canada. We worked over the waters of Limit Lake - thoroughly, with both feathers and tin, but the trout had lockjaw as the barometer was dropping out of sight, but as he had displayed on the Ganny on an earlier outing, this fellow showed he has both the aplomb and patience of a veteran skilled angler and is eager to try either Limit or Beanpole again later in this fall

          When the steelies begin running the rivers in a few weeks I will be setting up my smoker and brine and you are all welcome to bring one or two of your fish over and I will do them along with my own……preferably, trout between five and eight pounds, please. They fit in the coolers and smoker best at that size, as well as being more succulent to eat.

          We do not know for sure yet, but more than likely next year’s National North American Casting Championships (first week in August) will be staged right next to the giant Cabela’s store in Michigan, about a half-hour drive from Toledo. This is our club members’ chance to see some of the best casters in the world in action and test their own mettle against them. We definitely have enough good casters to put up a fine show and even field a team that could open a few eyes in some of the other clubs.

          We have enough bamboo to get the rod building underway and if anyone would like to build an arsenal of rods like Jim Lloyd has in the last four or five years, please let us know soon so we can plan accordingly. The bamboo to build a couple of rods costs between $35.00 and $40.00; pretty cheap when you consider the finished product could be worth well over a thousand bucks!

          If there are at least a half a dozen folks in the club who would like to participate in a weekend fall fishing trip we will make the arrangements and book a cottage or two. I would suggest, either the Haliburton, Georgian Bay or Saugeen areas, but if you are interested I will have to know fairly soon to be able to make reservations.

          Just a couple of reminders; if you haven’t looked previously, perhaps you might like to look at some of the early editions of the Reel Thing. My son, Ron, has affixed a link to our web-page where you can go back to the very early years of our club. Reviewing the club’s history makes for an interesting read. Also, for the folks in our club, annual dues are payable now (September).

          See you soon,