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   The Reel Thing – September '06


We’re a little late in getting the bulletin out because a few of us have been fishing trout in Northern Quebec for the past couple of weeks and just returned. It was a great trip, but I won’t go into all the details except to say that Paul Kennedy caught the trout of his life, a magnificent twenty-seven inch, seven and a half pound male speckled trout. The great fish was all decked out in its most vivid spawning colours and fell for a Muscarovitch streamer fly that Paul had tied expressly for the purpose. I shot half a roll of film of the capture, the stunned looks on the faces of our crew and the careful release.

          Tas Candaras also starred on this trip, catching the most fish and providing us with plenty of pickerel for the evening meals. He also took a pike which would have tipped the scales around fifteen pounds, three pounds less than another one that fell for the tiniest lure in my kit, a #0 E.G.B. Lee Pantridge tied a Despair in camp without the use of the vice then went out and caught his first brookie ever on a fly, the Despair. Paul and I both took a few other mounties as well, specks over twenty inches.

          Casting begins again in the gym on Thursday the 21st with the shop activities preceding that by a couple of days, Tuesday the 19th. Hope to see all our members out for the opening nights of the Fall and Winters season, as we have to further discuss the possibility of our hosting the National next year and having another Haliburton fall fishing and camping trip in a few weeks.

          That’s all for now.