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September 2011 - The "Reel Thing" - The Broadback Trip

Overall we had another great trip with a few highlights I should elaborate a little. First though, on the very first day while we were setting up the tent and tables so we could begin organizing the kitchen and so on, I got my feet tangled in the weeds and deep grass that we always have to attend with after it's grown up again.  My feet were 'grabbed' and I was pole-axed headfirst into the edge of the bridge, rocks and water.

Fun and games, eh! A Hell of a way to begin the trip. As I fell, in twisting to protect, face and head, I lurched my body to the left and screamed for K. He tried to lift me then, but I could barely stand the pain.

I had to deal with that of course and it took the rest of the trip and following few weeks before the the old "bod" began to relax a little so I could regain a little mobility. X-rays, I had taken on the day that I returned proved negative about broken ribs, just deep internal bruising and bleeding. The doctors keep saying, "You're a tough old bugger, but you're got to stop pushing the envelope with this 'nonsense' soon." That's their words, not mine.

Anyway, soon everything got underway and it once looked again like the old camp and the President of the Deval Territory watched as David nailed a nice pickerel for supper and we were soon back in business. The next day we all took it easy, had a huge breakfast the in the afternoon worked over both sides of the Falls, just little guys.

The next day we were back in business, off to the Glory Hole where David once again proved to be the Superstar, with a lovely 24" speck and another, only slightly smaller caught by Lee.....finally on his third Broadback trip he took his first 'Mountie'..........K and I lent moral encouragement to the anglers in the crowd. Next day off to the Wilkins shoal and the first rapids and a spot of fly tying. Then to the Far Falls after the little hiatus after not being able to fish it last year. Lee got a gorgeous, chunky pickerel with a half a dozen or so smaller specks surrendered to David's angling skills and charms, producing enough to keep the coolers filled with enough fish to keep us going for a few days.

After doing my level best to keep up with the fellows I opted for a day of rest and sent them off on their own while I rested my battered old body and slept most of the next day. They returned full of tales of another large speck that they took simply by drifted over the Wilkins shoal.  Then Paul and Lee both had chances at a biggie but all to no avail. Another crack at the Glory Hole where K generated a little excitement when a huge brook trout boiled beneath Paul's spinner. The week continued and more of everything with the crew and I are doing our best to keep up with David's heroics.

Eventually we returned for a second crack at the Far Falls. Lee and David took several more for the cooler and dinner. The highlights of the trip this year as the water levels were unusually low which necessitated our long lining the canoes almost every where for the week, while I, like Lord Fauntleroy, sat in the canoe and shouted encouragement.

We packed as always with trepidation wondering if like last year our plane might not arrive. And as last year it didn't. Okay, then away we began again only this year set up the tent which made the night more bearable. All in all this was a great trip, certainly one of the best in the last five years and our refusing to break camp was an excellent decision to wait until the plane actually did arrive.......24 hours later I was in Scarborough Grace Hospital.............we're still unpacking from this one, now. 

I'm sure, David, Lee and Paul will take a moment or two to send their own summaries and thoughts for everybody else in the club to enjoy.