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 THE REEL THING                                                                                  September 1993

This last bulletin of the summer of '93 puts a wrap on what must have easily been the best outdoor season of fishing and casting our club has experienced since its inception in '85.  We had a record participation in our own tournament, the Scarborough Open Championships, and this was followed by our club's hosting a revived Ontario Open Championships; also in record fashion.  There were more participants in this competition than any that I can recall since I came back into the sport nearly 20 years ago.  A lot of the credit for this must go to Dave Collins, Paulo Conceicao and Sheila who strongly urged me to delegate more responsibility to other members, thereby removing quite a load off my shoulders.

I must say that I was a bit of a 'Doubting Thomas' that this would succeed.  Boy, was I wrong!  With almost everybody in the club helping out, as well as competing, in the Ontario tournament it opened a lot of eyes, not just in our own members, but in all the others who attended as well.  Fantastic!  I thought that I would list those who pitched in and helped in this bulletin, but the names are too numerous for this space, so I will just offer a heart-felt thank you to everybody in the club.  This obviously proves that we in the Scarborough Fly & Bait Casting Association have definitely arrived - in every aspect.  The timing of these successes has obviously much to do with our beautiful new casting facility, Milliken Park, for which we offer our sincere thanks to the City of Scarborough.

As well as the two previously discussed competitions we had competitors in the St. Catharines Open, The Canadian Open and the North American Championships.  The medal haul for our club over the summer season was approximately fifty!  Over thirty in the Ontario tourney alone.  Wow!

Well, the tournament tackle is now mothballed for the season (unless the South African junket gets off the ground) so we can now get down to some serious fishing over the autumn season.  However, we will be beginning our indoor sessions, back at our old stamping grounds, Samuel Hearn Sr. Public School, on Wednesday evening, September 15th (same times - 6:00 to 9:00 approximately).  We will be formatting an agenda as has been suggested, however for now you can be sure that fly tying, rod building (bamboo & otherwise) casting and guest nights will definitely be included as in the past.

Paulo and I took a morning off last week to test the Ganny and it proved that it was still home to a lot of whoppers.  Paulo caught the Brown Trout of his life, about 18" while I raised a couple that were considerably larger than his...without a take!  Leon Schwartz and Fred Leibl fished their hearts out this summer and they report that the summer was a great learning experience for the both of them.  They caught  a lot of trout and tested many new techniques and a wide variety of waters.  It was like pulling teeth out of a chicken to get them to participate in the Ontario tourney, but they both gave up their precious 'fishing time' to help out, as well.  Thanks guys.  Peter Durnford, Steve Ryder and Ron Bolton tested Lake Scugog's bass a few times with success.  I understand that Pete held the hottest hand.  Dave Usher's monster tarpon was the biggest catch of the summer..... but there are still a couple trips to A/B Lake left in September. 

Speaking of which.....would anybody like to go camping to A/B on the last weekend of the speckled trout season, Sept. 25th & 26th?

Also we will probably put together a trip to Beanpole Lake for October.

Our customary fall trip to the rainbow rivers of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay is also planned for the weekend of October 2nd & 3rd.  If you would like to participate in any of these, please get back to me as soon as possible so that we can plan things accordingly.

Our fly tying classes will be conducted in two parts this year, a beginners' table as well as a more advanced table, hopefully with separate instruction at both.  We do require a volunteer, though, to put our considerable inventory of fly tying gear in order....and to maintain it in an easy to use manner. 

We would appreciate it if those members wishing to participate in the fly tying and rod building seminars would indicate their intentions as soon as possible to facilitate planning ahead of time.

Would all you anglers in the club please take a moment and write a litle summary for us of your summer's results on the rivers and lakes.  We'll use excerpts from these in our subsequent bulletins.

Do we have anybody in the club who would like to assume the responsibility of running a raffle for 1994 in order to help the club support casters representing us in international tournaments?  Or perhaps, arrange a gamblers' evening......or even a party & dance?  We look forward to your response to this one.