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 THE REEL THING                                                                                 September 1996



We have a large double gym, with a high ceiling, in the Robert Service Sr. School, half-way between Brimley and Midland on the south side of Danforth Road.  This is a couple blocks south of Eglinton.  Parking is on the west side - or at the back with the school entrance at the front, or if you arrive after 7, knock on the doors at the back that enter directly into the gym.  Our hours are the same as always, 6:00 P.M. to 9 P.M. Yes, we will be fly casting, bait casting, spinning and fly tying (If desired).  I have been assured by the powers to be that we are at the top of the waiting list to get back into our old school, Samuel Hearn, as soon as it is once again available. 

Letís all see if we can attend on a fairly regular basis and get our club back to the way it was a few years ago - full of enthusiasm.  It would be fabulous if everybody would bring out at least one new person as a guest for an evening to see what we do.

As you have probably heard by the time you receive this club bulletin we have had to cancel the scheduled tournament for the 21st and 22nd for a number of reasons, not the least of which is I just broke my ankle last week.  This has been a very tough year for us and the club but I can guarantee you that 1997 is going to be a fabulous year for our club with superb casting and fishing results for ALL OUR MEMBERS!  Also we should be in a position to replace much of the club equipment within a few weeks.  Of course everybody is welcome to use it, or if they wish, their own.  We already have purchased the new fly tying equipment. Please let us know as S.A.P. if you want to participate in a mid-October fishing trip.

Unfortunately, one of our most ardent and enthusiastic members who is also our club secretary, Paul Kennedy, has taken on a new job which will prevent him, because of the late hours from joining us in the gym for the fall season.  He is hoping that he will be placed in a different shift that will eventually allow him to get his casting and fly tying practice in before too long, however.

Thatís all for now, folks,  SEE YOU ON  OCTOBER  2nd.