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Latest News - Following a successful 3 year Pilot project for a Clothing-optional(CO) beach at
Hanlan's Point Beach starting in 1999, City Council has approved permanent and official Clothing Optional status
for the south section of Hanlan's Point Beach this spring of 2001.

Beach facitlities available...Sand Box with Beach toys,
Water Games: Volleyball and Water Polo, European 'LENGOTEKE or Swing Ball,
Sand court Volleyball, French Petanque game using steel balls and more!
Available from the "Information Table" north side of the Volleyball court.
We have 2 lifeguards watching the beach this year of 2005.

Check out our Winter Swim Schedule!!
Toronto Area Naturist Sports (TANS) Swim Club Schedule
Monthly General swims, Monthly Women's Choice Swims, Bimonthly Family only swims, Monthly Young Adult Swims
10 to 15 rsvps required for all swims by TUESDAY

Twice as many swims this Winter season!!



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From the East by Car...Travelling south on the Don Valley Parkway - exit Sherbourne to the Lakeshore beneath the Gardiner Expressway. Turn left at Yonge St. At Queens Quay, turn left. At Cooper St., the second street, turn left. Go north to the Parking Lot entrance on the right, just past the LCBO store. ($3-5 for parking)
From the West by Car...Travelling east on the Queen Elizabeth Way - exit Yonge St. to the Lakeshore.  Continue past Yonge St. to the second street.  Turn right at Cooper St.  Go to Parking Lot entrance on your left and just north of the LCBO retail store.  Early birds pay only $3
By Subway ...Go to Union Station and then take the Harbour Front Steetcar(Queens Quay) and exit at the very next stop.

Go to Queens Quay at the foot of Bay Street, between Yonge and York streets.  Go behind the Harbour Castle Hotel to the Toronto Islands ferry docks.  Pay $5 and board the Hanlan's Point Ferry (usually) at Gate 4.  First weekend sailing leaves at 8am. Last return sailing leaves Hanlan's Point dock at 11:15.  Weekdays have a 9am start and 10:30 last return sailing.

After enjoying wonderful Kodak moments as you ride across the Toronto Bay, then disembark and follow the paved roadway for about 10 minutes. When you see the fork in the roadway at the tennis courts, take the roadway to the right.  Walk past the Tennis Courts until you see a sign post that says "Clothing Optional Beach".  Enter the beach here.

Do not climb up into the tree area to prevent further errosion in this Environmental Sensitive Area (ESA).  Set up your spot with an umbrella for shade instead of using the trees and look for other members of the HBN who have purple flags standing up in the sand.  Introduce yourself before returning to your spot.  SHOW YOUR HOSPITALITY by offering them an invitation to join you sometime during the day.  Most people who consider themselves social naturists, would appreciate the invitation.  HBN members, who have put their flag DOWN, want to left alone. Please respect their space.

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  HBN members who enjoy organizing beach activities will help you enjoy the social aspect of naturism though group activities.  We hope there are enough active volunteers who want to act as Hospitality greeters, Beach Monitors and Activity Co-ordinators or assist others organize interesting activities listed below.   If you have ideas...phone our Message Line (416-410-6333) to leave your name and phone number.  You don't have to be a HBN member in order to make your suggestions. None of the activities listed below will happen without someone like you who will offer to help us.

Water Volleyball Sand Volleyball 
BBQ Pot Luck
Mini Putt Flag Football
Petanque Horseshoes
Softball Frisbee
Scavenger Hunt Badminton
Board/Card Games Flag Decoration Contest
Body Painting Bare Buns fun Run/Walk
Beach Clean-up Used Clothing Donation Week
Unplugged music gathering National Nude Weekend
Sand Sculptures Nude Sketch Day
Theatre on the Beach Nude Cruise
Water Volleyball and Water Polo  Story Telling
Your ideas please... Email  frebeach@pathcom.com
              WELCOME  TABLE
NOTE: (*) means restricted to HBN members.
* Foldout chairs
* Volleyball * Beach Umbrellas and (NEW) stakes for windy days.
* Petanque Balls * Small gas grill for BBQing.
Nudist Magazines are available for free browsing.
Board Games...Chess, Checkers, Backgammon
Kids beach toys, Frizbees.
Beach users who are not HBN members may use the Volleyball and Petanque Balls if HBN members plays with you. HBN members are always looking for beach players.
Phone for your HBN information envelope. 416-410-6333 **(TANS and HBN is a combined membership)**

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January 4, Saturday 7:30pm,       2003
TANS Co-ed West-end Swim Water polo and swimming
January 21, Tuesday 8:30pm TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim Water volleyball and swimming
Feb. 15th, Saturday 10am-6pm Annual Pot Luck and Games
Club visit to Glen Echo
February 18, Tuesday 8:30pm TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim Water volleyball and swimming
March 1, Saturday 7:30pm TANS Co-ed West-end Swim Water polo and swimming
March 18, Tuesday 8:30pm
TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim.
Water volleyball and swimming
April 4, Friday 7:30pm TANS Co-ed West-end Swim Water polo and swimming
April 15, Tuesday 8:30pm TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim Water volleyball and swimming
May 3, Saturday 7:30pm TANS Co-ed West-end Swim Water volleyball and swimming
May 20, Tuesday 8:30pm
TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim
Water volleypolo and swimming
Summer Swims and Water Recreation Games
Call if interested in a couples only swim or teen only swim. Phone 416-410-6333
Dedicated city social groups can get information for your own club swims.

Summer 2006 Swim Schedule
July 9, Wednesday 8:30pm        
TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim  
Water volleyball
July 22, Tuesday 8:30pm    
TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim
Water volleyball
Aug. 7, Thursday 8:30pm    
TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim
Water volleyball
Aug . 19, Tuesday 8:30pm
TANS Co-ed Downtown Swim
Water volleyball shallow end-4ft

Summer 2006 Beach Activities Schedule
May  17-19.Victoria Day Weekend Volleyball Practice every weekend for Tournaments at Ponderosa and Four Seasons

May 31st - June 1st Weekend Sunday Beachers Snack Pot Luck at 1pm  
June 7th Weekend
Saturday Sand Critters Contest-Ferry Ticket Prize
June 14th Weekend
Sunday Beachers Pot Luck at 1pm
June 21st Weekend
Saturday Sand Critters Contest-Ferry Ticket Prize
July 8 Sunday Beachers Pot Luck at 1pm
July 12-13 Weekend Pickup Volleyball at 4pm
Sunday Beach Goers BBQ and Dinner Pot Luck at 1pm 
July 19-20 Weekend Pickup Volleyball at 4pm Sunday Beach Goers BBQ and Snack Pot Luck at 1pm
July 22, Tuesday, 8:30pm
TANS-HBN Water RecreationNight (Volleyball)
Visitors $12/single or couple.
Get $4 discount coupon by mail
July 26-27 Weekend
Pickup Volleyball at 4pm
Sunday Beach Goers BBQ and Snack Pot Luck at 1pm
July 27 Sunday, 11:30am!!
ORB Boat Cruise - Catered lunch, Murder Mystery
Visitors 44 before July 21, or $50


Aug  2 Weekend
Pickup Volleyball at 4pm
Sunday Beach Goers BBQ and Dinner Pot Luck at 1pm
August 2, Saturday Sand Critters Contest -Ferry Ticket Prize
August 7, Thursday
TANS-HBN Water RecreationNight (Volleyball)
Visitors $12/single or couple.
Get $4 discount coupon by mail
August 9 Weekend Pickup Volleyball at 4pm
Sunday Beach Goers BBQ and Snack Pot Luck at 1pm
August 16 Weekend Pickup Volleyball at 4pm Sunday Beach Goers BBQ and Dinner Pot Luck at 1pm
August 19, Tuesday TANS-HBN Water RecreationNight (Volleyball) Sunday Beach Goers BBQ and Snack Pot Luck at 1pm

August 23 Weekend
Pickup Volleyball at 4pm


August 30, Saturday
Air Show
Sand Critters Contest -Ferry Ticket Prize
Pickup Volleyball at 4pm
August 31, Sunday Pickup Volleyball at 4pm
Sunday Beach Goers BBQ and Dinner Pot Luck at 1pm
September 1, Monday Pickup Volleyball at 4pm

2006 Fall and Winter Swims Schedule


RSVP AT 416-410-6333

Non-members always welcome for all events!
23 Sat 7:30pm
Young Adult Swim (downtown)  CANCELLED due to mech. problems


1  Sun 7:30pm
Women's Choice Swim (downtown)  CANCELLED  (10 rsvps required)

7  Sat 7:00pm
General Swim (Ann West end) CANCELLED (15 rsvps required)

21 Sat All Day
HBN Resort Visit and Pot Luck at Glen Echo
Please rsvp. No minimum required. Bring a dinner dish.
6pm Newmarket Nature Bares Swim Night (20 minutes from Glen Echo)


 4 Sat 7:30pm
Women's Choice Swim (downtown) (10 rsvps required by TUESDAY)
Will convert to MENS swim if no WC rsvps
18 Sat 7:00pm
FAMILY Swim (Ann West End Pool) 10 rsvps required for $15 per family.
Will convert to General Swim if no rsvps from families by TUESDAY
25 Sat 7:30pm
ORB Richmond Hill Wave Pool
ORB fees apply. Not a TANS event but everyone welcome.


 2 Sat 7:30pm
General Swim (McC West End Pool) 15 rsvps required by TUESDAY.
Will cancel if insufficient rsvps.


and a


Last Minute Activity Additions

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Hanlan's Point Ferry: Schedule Site
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Cartoons, Chat, Messages, Photos: Netnude Site

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Address:  Hanlan's Beach Naturists, POB 777, Station U, Etobicoke, Ontario, M8Z 5P9
Membership Fee :  $20 per Single/Couple/Family per Year
Message Line: 416-410-6333
Email: benude@pathcom.com

Membership requirments:
    We do not discriminate except by inappropriate behavior.  (No problems so far)
    Membership is available to families, couples and singles.
    Members should take responsibility to provide educational flyers at the "Hospitality Table" on the beach when you feel comfortable enough to do so.
    Members should help new comers feel comfortable with a very friendly, encouraging attitude.
    Promote Hanlan's Point Beach, our swim nights and activities and the prinicples of naturism.

Inquiries for HBN membership will receive:
            1.   HBN Membership Application Card.
            2.   Free Beach Etiquette guidelines.
            3.   Discount Coupon for an HBN Fall and Winter swim nights.
            4.   Introductory letter including the HBN Member-interests questionnaire.

Benefits of Membership:
            1.   Laminated Membership Card with color view of Hanlan's Point Beach.
            2.   Beach Flag. Also available at the "Welcome Table" for day use. SHOW the FLAG.
            3.   No charge for sports and game equipment like umbellas and fly repellant.
            4.   $3 Parking at LCBO Staff Parking Lot on Cooper St. on the weekends.
            5.   Resort/Club Activity Events Schedule Access Code for Option 2.
            6.   One Free HBN Swim Night at a Toronto municipal pool.
            7.   40% off regular swim night fee.
            8.   10 to 20% off Discount Coupon for your first visit at some Ontario Resorts.
            9.   HBN Calendar.
          10.   To socialize with people who share the common goal of showing respect
                       and respond to your concerns in a supportive way.
          11.   The opportunity to be an active member and participate as a "Welcome Table" Host/Greeter,
                   Beach Monitor or/and Beach Activity Co-ordinator.

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MANY PEOPLE will insist that rules for proper behavior are not necessary
since any decent or intelligent person should know how to act.  On
the other hand, naturist organizations constantly contact unfamiliarized
individuals.  We want to leave no doubt as to what kind of people
are advocates of clothes-optional recreation!  Naturists are nice
people who would be honoured to be your beach friend.    The guidlines
we follow....

  SHOW RESPECT FOR OTHERS.  Glancing is OK, but staring at or sitting
next to a person without getting an invitation or making sexually
suggestive remarks is very offensive. We would be happy to have a
quiet talk with these individuals and discuss beach etiquette.  Also,
if you intend to wear your clothes or swimsuit, please consider using
the other beaches.  Naturists are not exhibitionists for others to
stare at!

  USE YOUR TOWEL  for sanitary reasons when sitting on park benches
at the beach or nudist resorts.

combined with sex, undermines our public image.  Sexual activity belongs
in the bedroom, not on the beach or nearby public areas.

  HELP WITH LITTER by bringing along a trash bag.  Nudist beaches
have the cleanest sand, thanks to you.  Do a last minute check of
your sitting area before you leave.  Obtain a butt can from the Butt

  DON'T GO OUT OF ESTABLISHED NUDE AREAS.  To wander nude into a clothed
beach or park land will cause complaints.  It undermines our objectives
of preserving the beach as a  " Designated CO beach ".

trees or access road/rare plant  areas.  For shade, bring an umbrella
and hat. and always use sunblock  for skin  protection.

  ASK PRIOR CONSENT FOR PHOTOGRAPHY.  People can't legally be stopped
from taking pictures in  public places.  However, asking permission
from each person is common courtesy.   Parents must be asked before
children are photographed, even in the background. Avoid confrontation
by leaving your camera at home.

  PRIVACY IS FUNDAMENTAL!  Many are at the beach for quiet time and
don't want to be disturbed.     It is not wrong for a man or a woman
to go to the beach to make new friends -- but it is rude to monopolize
a person's time.  Please don't crowd anyone you don't know, give people
space - 10 feet away (4 paces) is appropriate.  Also, use earphones
for music players, avoid using binauculars and don't smoke near others.

  COME  PREPARED.  Bring beach supplies: beverage, food, umbrella,
sunscreen and towel.  Don't expect others to share these items,  but
don't hesitate to offer what you can to show your own hospitality.

  SPEAK UP  FOR STANDARDS.  If a person seems unaware of beach etiquette,
they may be first timers, so give them a nice welcome to the beach
and give them a copy of "Free Beach Etiquette" or tell them their
behavior is inappropriate.  If you are ignored, inform HBN members,
lifeguard or cell phone the Marine Unit 808-5800.  Don't let uncouth
individuals threaten the "CO designation" of our  beautiful place
under the sun!

This beach is designed to give you the opportunity to be nude and

Most people you meet here are great...let us know about about the

Contribute to beach security and beach activities by volunteering
one hour of
your time as Hospitality Greeters, Beach Monitors or/and Activity

Hanlan's Beach Naturists  416-410-6333

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Legality of Nude Swimming

On June 9th, 1999, the Federal agency, the Toronto Harbour Commissioners was dissolved and replaced with another new federal agency called the Toronto Port Authority.  All the bylaws are being transfered over to the Toronto Port Authority except for Section 20,1,b, the section that prohibits nudity.  Also, the Toronto Port Authority does not have the mandate to create a 'nudity' bylaw in the future.

Vote by Toronto City Council

On May 12, Toronto City Council voted 82% in favor of a pilot project to designate a section of Hanlan's Point Beach as Clothing-optional.

This project will be reviewed monthly, with a final review in December by the Economic Development Committee.

Congratulations to Peter Simm, a director of TNTMEN, a naturist organization and Kyle Rae, sponsoring councillor.

Opening day is Saturday, May 22.

Opening celebrations by the TNTMEN will occur on Monday with a special appearance of Queen Victoria and Kyle Rae.

Parks and Recreation Report by John Mcintyre

April 19, 1999

To: Economic Development Committee

From: Joe Halstead, Commissioner of Economic Development, Culture and Tourism

Subject: Pilot Project--Clothing Optional Beach at Hanlan's Point(Ward 24--Downtown)

Purpose of Report

The purpose of this report is to seek Council appproval to implement a one year pilot project to introduce a clothing optional beach at Hanlan's Point Beach on the Toronto Island.

Funding Implications

The implementation of this pilot project will require the installation of signage, landscape screening and temporary fencing in selected locations which will be derived from funds place in the Capital Budget, to the expected limit of $5,000.


 1. That Council approve a one year pilot project to implement a clothing optional beach at a section of Hanlan's Point Beach on Toronto Islands;

 2. That a project committee consisting of City Staff, the proponents, the City Solicitor, and Toronto Police Force, the Toronto Island Community and other interested parties be convened to assist in the implementation of the pilot project, the development of evaluation criteria and an education/awareness program;

 3. That an evaluation of this pilot project be conducted and forwarded to the Economic Development Committee by December 1999; and

 4. That appropriate City Officials be authorized and directed to take the necessary action to give effect thereto.

----------------------------------------------------Page 2-----------------------------------------------------------


Staff received a well researched and comprehensive brief from Mr. Peter Simm, a director of TNT!MEN(Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity) and the Hanlan's Point Naturists which proposes the establishment of a clothing optional beach at Hanlan's Point on the Toronto Island. The brief is attached to this report for the information of Committee("Appendix A").

Under the Uniform Parks By-law, swimming at all beaches within the City is regulated with repect to proper bathing attire.  This regulation is not able to be enforced wth respect to women who wish to bathe topless due to the Ontario Court of Appeal decision of the Gwen Jacob case.

The proposed location for this pilot project on Hanlan's Point ("Appendix B"), has a long history of use as a clothing optional beach area.  From 1894 to 1930, a City by-law specifically authorized Hanlan's Point and two other locations as a clothing optional beach.  Although the by-law was rescinded in 1930, Hanlan's Point has continued to be used as a clothing optional beach, and the enforcement of the proper bathing attire requirement of the Uniform Parks By-law have been enforced on only a sporadic basis since the late 1980's.

This proposal has been reviewed by the Toronto Police as well as the Toronto Island Residential Trust, and their comments have been considered in the developing the recommendations.

Other Clothing Optional Locations

There are other locations within the City of Toronto which are reported to be frequented by individuals participating in the clothing optional sunbathing, nude recreation and swimming.  These locations include the Highland Creek Beach Area, and sections of the Tommy Thompson Park located on the Leslie Street Spit.  This proposal would provide some meaningful policy framework and a legitimate location for individuals who wish to take advantage of a clothing optional facility.  As a part of this proposal, Council could direct that enforcement activities be increased at other unsanctioned locations to attempt to direct people who wish to use clothing optional beaches to the Hanlan's Point location.

Other major Cities in Canada and North America have implemented clothing optional beach locatioins with little negative implications.  Vancouver has had the "Wreck Beach" location as a formally recognized clothing optional beach since 1989, although the site had been used in a similar manner for decades.  This beach is used for both active purposes (volleyball, frisbee, etc) and passive uses.  The staff of the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) report no negative implications of the clothing optional beach from an operational, enforcement or environmental standpoint.  The GVRD also has reported that there is strong support and regular liaison with the Wreck Beach Preservation Society, a volunteer based group which is active in the ongoing management of the area in conjunction with staff.

----------------------------------------------------Page 3-----------------------------------------------------------

Potential Conflict in Use

This site is currently used by many individuals for clothing optional sunbathing  and recreation.  It is also used by the general public and the boating community who anchor their boats in the relatively protected waters adjacent to the beach.  Further, the beach area is used extensively by the public to view events, paticularly the Symphony of Fire Fireworks competition and the Canadian International Air show during the CNE.  With appropriate signage and screening, and designating only a portion of the beach area as clothing optional, potential conflicts in use can be minimized.  There are also other beach alternatives on the Island for those who may be offended by a clothing optional location and wish to use the beach facitlities during a visit to the Toronto Islands.  The proposed location is quite removed from the residential community and the primary parkland attractions of Centre Island are several kilometres from this proposed location.

There may be more of a concern over illicit or inappropriate behavior on this site than those concerns from members of the public who might be offended by the prospect of a nude recreation area.  In recent years, there have been more instances of enforcement with repect to illicit or inappropriate behaviour of some users of this beach then any other complaints.

Tourism and Economic Impact

The brief provides an overview of the economic impact of establishing a clothing optional beach in Toronto.  It indicates a positive impact on the hotel and hospitality sectors within the City.  Further, the brief indicates that other locations have reported that a clothing optional beach area can become a draw for international travel and has stimulated businesses that cater to individuals who would use these facitlities.  Our staff in the Economic Development office are currently evaluating the potential economic impact and could report on this aspect of the proposal in the future.

Impact on Ferry System

The brief also provides an overview of the potential impact on the Ferry System.  The brief indicates that as many as 5000 people could use this facility each weekend day during the peak summer season.  If this scenario is correct, they indicate that incremental revenues of up to $ 400,00 per year is possible.  this is an optimistic target and it is clear that net revenues during a pilot project wold not be substantial and would build in the longer term.  Further, the brief suggests that this increase in ridership of the ferry system would be accomplished on an incremental basis with little or no impact on the cost of providing this service.  If the projected numbers of 5000 people per day on summer weekends were realized, several changes and adjustments to the ferry loading and scheduling would have to be considered since this additional load is well beyond the current capacity of boats servicing the Hanlan's Point location.  This demand during the pilot period of this summer is not anticipated to be problematic.

----------------------------------------------------Page 4-----------------------------------------------------------

Environmental Impact

The Hanlan's Point location is adjacent to the forms part of an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) which has been designated by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority.  ESA number 115 is know for its willow strand and unique plant growth in the sand dunes of the area ("Appendix C").  Further, there has been some significant erosion of the beach area at the South end of Gibraltar Point due to high lake levels over the last several years.  A shoreline protection initiative is planned in conjunction with the construction of the deep lake cooling water initiative which will commence construction on the Island this summer.

It is clear that the active use of the beach strand area could have a negative effect on the ESA unless adequate management measures are employed in the planning and implementation of the clothing optional beach at Hanlan's Point.  Specifically, appropriate signage, screening and additional plantings will be necessary and, there may be the requirement to fence certain areas of the ESA in order to prevent trespassing and consequent damage of this delicate ecosystem.  Staff believe that the appropiate planning and management of this area, and the education of those individuals who use the area about the sensitive nature of the ESA and the appropriate usage of the area will be required.  Clear enforcement requirements of the trespassing clauses of the Parks By-Law can also be evoked.

Implementation Costs

A one year pilot of a clothing optional area at Hanlan's Point can be implemented with a total upset cost of $ 5,000.  This would include the requirement for signage, temporary fencing, temporary screening, and an education brochure respecting the enviromental sensitivity of the site.  These costs could be funded from a capital program allotment set aside for the Toronto Islands in the 1999 Capital buddget.

There is one lifequard station currently located on the Hanlan's Point Beach and we would recommend that it be relocated outside of the sdesignated clothing optional area.  This area will have to be properly signed to indicate that it is an unsupervised area from a safety supervision standpoint.  There are also no washroom or change facilities located in the beach area and some consideration must be given to the potential of portable toilet facilities to be located there for the summer season.  There is a full service washroom facility and concession area near the site which will provide an acceptable level of service for the area.

There may be other potential costs of this initiative including patrol and enforcemnt of inapporpriate behavior on the site by the Toronto Police and the Marine Unit.

In the longer term, if this proposal is extended to be a more permanent location and depending on the response and number of visitors to the area, it is possible that on-site washroom and changeroom facilities may be required along with other infrastructure improvements to the site.

----------------------------------------------------Page 5-----------------------------------------------------------

Requirement for Commuity Involvement

The proposal from TNT!MEN and the Hanlan's Point Naturists has been well researched and is presented in a cogent and thoughful manner.  Given that Toronto is a major world class City, we should recognize that there is an element of the population who enjoy nude sunbathing and recreation.  In contrast, there are others who will be offended by this proposal and feel that any public park is not an appropriate location for a clothing optional facility.

Recogizing the apparent demand for this type of facility, there is some merit to designating one location for this activity in order to minimize the conflicts of use and perception to one location.  Aside from the presence of the ESA at this location, the beach at Hanlan's Point is a very appropriate location for this pilot project.  It is remote enough to any residential and children's play areas on the Islands that the public who may be offended by a clothing optional beach can avoid the area, while it is close enough to the City and the Hanlan's Point Ferry Docks to make it accessible.  The physical area can be adequately screened and appropriately signed to ensoure that indivituals do not stumble into the area unkowingly.

The ESA provides the biggest challenge to the establishment of the clothing optional beach at this location.  Some significant signage, temporary fencing, and landscape screening must be installed to ensure that there is no trespassing of individuals into the ESA.  Further, some aggressive education of the importance and delicate nature of th ESA will be required along with an enforcement component for those found to be trespassing within the most delicate areas of the ESA.


John A. Macintyre
Director of parks and Recreation

(signed by Joe Halstead)
Joe Halstead
Commissioner Economic Development, Culture and Tourism