vern nicholson

Singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and purveyor of folk 'n' roll: spirit-filled sad songs made better.
Coming soon: Linden Tree near the Water, a troubadour's outpouring of love, loss and regret laced with faith and hope.

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music samples

All songs written by Vern Nicholson, © 2012-2015 SOCAN unless otherwise stated.

studio recordings

Songs from my forthcoming album, Linden Tree near the Water.
Produced, arranged and performed by Vern Nicholson.
Recorded at The Grinning Zone, Toronto, 2012-2015.
Mixed by David MacKinnon at 6 Nassau and The Junkshop.
Mastered by Tim Branton at Joao Carvalho Mastering.

Next of Kindred
This Magnificent Dare
Nest for Little Bird
Lady Air
Le Chevalier Manque

seasonal songs

Christmas with Bruce and Bob
O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Traditional)

live recordings

Folk 'n' roller bedazzles the Lazy Cat Cafe, Toronto.
Recorded live, November 24, 2013* and October 25, 2015**.

(1) Year of No Tomorrow* (2) That '70s Lifetime*
The Family of Man (Paul Williams, Jack Conrad)**


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