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Renaissance Dance Classes in the Toronto Area

There is a monthly introductory level dance class given by the Society for Creative Anachronism, an historical recreation society devoted to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It is usually given on the third Tuesday of the month (Wednesday, from May to August), held after their meeting. More information should be available on the webpage of the Toronto group, which is known as The Royal City of Eoforwic. Attendance at SCA activities is not restricted to members. For more information on the type of dances covered, here is my old introductory dance page. I am not currently teaching these classes, so the content will vary.

A more intensive dance class is held on some Friday nights, given by the University of Toronto's Renaissance Dance Club. Beginners are welcome, but some previous music or dance experience, or a casual indifference to making a fool of oneself, helps. The classes are currently given at Hart House, on Hart House Circle. The room we get varies - check the electronic board above the Porter's office, at the South West entrance. When we have a room we usually start at 7:00 PM or sometimes 7:30, and go to about 9:30. For the current dates, email me at

Warming-up is advised, but everyone is responsible for their owm, as I do not run one. We start with step practice, and then work on dances, generally from the 15th-century Italian repertoire, though other periods are sometimes covered. The dances are taught on an ongoing basis, so one dance may be introduced, while another may be only reviewed, as it has been taught at the last few practices. Because of this, newcomers can not count on participating in all the dances when they first attend, but there will always be at least one dance at the beginning taught completely.

For the Friday class, some sort of dance shoe is advised. You need to be able to pivot (so the sole should be smooth enough to do so - rubber soles can be dangerous as they grip too much), and to be able to move forward, sideways and backward at speed. (High heels, platform shoes, and sports shoes with a base that widens are all potentially dangerous.) Chinese slippers are a cheap alternative which is reasonably effective. However, the floors are rather slippery in some rooms, so it may be better to bring more than one pair to try out, if you have them available.

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