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    Gord Deval holds, or has held over one hundred records, both nationally and internationally, including several world records. Established North American records in five decades of tournament casting. Won North American All-Round Senior Championship fourteen times.

Perennial Canadian Senior Casting Champion.
Sixty years of competitive tournament fly and bait casting.
Holds, or has held every Canadian distance fly and bait casting title.

   He was one of the founders of the International Casting Federation, the world governing body in the sport. He has been the president of the Ontario Fly and Bait Casting Association since the fifties, while organizing the first Canadian Casting Association and acting as its president.
    Successfully competed in the first World's Fly and Bait Casting Championships in 1957, then went on to represent Canada fourteen more times in successive world championships. He has also competed thirty two times in the North American Championships, winning many titles and awards along the way. Deval has been the recipient of Ontario's Athletic Achievement Award every year since this special recognition became available.
     He retired completely from the competitive side of the sport from 1957 through to 1974, He did this in order to devote more time to* his four children and practice his second love, fishing. Out of competition entirely until 1974 - winning the majority of his awards and titles since returning to competition in '74.
Deval has been a qualified casting instructor since 1949, beginning with the old Toronto Anglers and Hunters Association and at present with his Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association. This club was started by Deval in 1985 and has * produced champions in every category in casting, with its members *collecting * over three hundred medals, trophies and awards in its seventeen* year tenure. In 1995 Deval and his club hosted the North American Championships in the City of Scarborough for the first time, agreed by most of the participants to have been one of the best of these events ever held. Deval estimates that he has personally taught over a thousand anglers and tournament casters the fine points of the sport.
     He also formed and taught the first casting team to compete in the distance casting events, internationally, for Canada in 1957. After his retirement in 1957, interest in tournament distance casting in Canada came to a virtual standstill, remaining in the doldrums until 1974 when he was coaxed out of retirement. He subsequently rebuilt interest in both distance casting and international competition. He taught and coached almost every member of Canada's international casting teams, from the sport's resurgence in 1975 until the present.
     Deval has held the Canadian All-Round Fly and Bait Casting title, on and off since 1950, practically owning the All-Round Distance Fly and Bait Casting title over that same period. He has qualified for the select All American team numerous times over the years after being the first Canadian to ever win that honour.
     In addition to his casting, fishing and cooking seminars, Deval also teaches rod building and fly tying. He is one of only three or four in North America, who are qualified to teach the art of split-bamboo rod building incorporating a hollow and fluted design. Using this skill he was able to design and build the world's lightest, practical split-cane fly rod.
     A collection of his personally tied trout flies was presented to Viscount Alexander, the then Governor General of Canada, on behalf of the Toronto Anglers and Hunters Association back in the fifties and he has since taught many hundreds of others the intricacies of fly tying.
     He has developed numerous casting and fishing aids over the years, some of which were, and still are being successfully marketed. His movies on trout fishing have been viewed all over the world, even having been borrowed by the Government of Quebec to be shown in an international tourist exposition. Of course, there have been many radio and television appearances along the way, with casting, fishing, fish-cookery demonstrations and seminars also dotting his varied career. He has also written many magazine articles and topped this off with six books in the last five years. Four of these are about fishing, with his first two books, 'Fishin' Hats' and 'Fishin' Tales' still selling well in Canada from coast to coast. Another of his works to be released this year should be just about the best all-round book ever written about casting and fishing. It is titled 'Casting About With Gord Deval'. His most recent work, Fishing for Brookies, Browns and ‘Bows is already in its second print.
     In 1991 Deval was invited by New Brunswick to organize and conduct the angling and casting clinics at the first ever *Miramichi River Atlantic Salmon Festival. In 1992 he also conducted a similar, but smaller clinic and exhibition of trick casting at Scarborough's Bridlewood Mall and the Scarborough Town Centre. These were both extremely successful ventures, resulting in return invitations. Deval was also honoured in 1992 by the City of Scarborough with a special award for his service and dedication to his sport and the city over the years. As already mentioned, in 1995 Deval and his club hosted the North American Fly and Bait Casting championships, attended by over eighty competitors. It was voted the most successful tournament in the past thirty years. Despite the rigours of running this event, he managed to establish a new record in the two hand distance spinning event - 428’. Deval *believes that the biggest honour he has had to date was being selected to receive the Bi-Centennial Award of Merit and Medal presented to him by the Mayor of the City, the Honourable Frank Faubert, in 1996. This was recognition as one of a very exclusive group, the top 200 Scarborough citizens to have brought honour to the city over its history during the past 200 years.
     Deval, primarily a trout fisherman for sixty-five of his seventy-two years, has flirted with several fishing world records along the way, and still teaches the gospel of clean waters and habitat - trout fishing - to hundreds of anglers every year. It has generally been accepted that his 28 ½”, 11 ¼ lb. brook trout is the largest ever taken on a fly. With almost a thousand medals and trophies *(both National and International) along with the Ontario Athletic Achievement Award which he has won every year since its inception, as well as all the credentials listed herein *and the fine representation he has given our country over the years, Gord Deval feels he has much to offer potential sponsors and corporations wishing to utilize his talents.

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