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The "Reel Thing"  - Fall 2010

The First Story

Reel Thing for September 2011

Special Edition

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This is a compilation of club bulletins dating back to their inception in 1988.  Actually we commenced writing these Reel Things shortly after the club began operations in 1984, however the early editions were all typed on an ordinary typewriter, then photocopied and mailed out to our members.  In 1988 my wife, Sheila, obtained our first desk-top computer, then five years later we got our first lap-top, began using the internet and email making the effort a great deal easier.

Within another year or so, virtually all our members also had email access, so the bulletins were no longer being slow-mailed out, but sent via e.mail.  In our earlier years the bulletin was sent out more or less periodically, but in the last few years we have made every effort to produce them monthly.  It was not always easy to have enough information to write about that would be of interest to our members and often I would have to prod them for their fishing results and so on in order to have something that folks would enjoy reading.

It occurred to me recently that it would be interesting to look back after the club’s fortunes, good and bad, over the years by perusing all the back issues of The Reel Thing.  I discovered that there actually is a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects, not only fishing and casting that others would probably enjoy as well, so we are making the attempt to compile and correlate the bulletins in chronological order so anyone else wishing to review the club’s history can peruse them at their leisure.

In actuality, the bulletins have had our club logo (as seen above) in place since we began producing them on the computer, but they and the parting greetings from the author, yours truly, have been eliminated in this summary to make for a more interesting read.  There have also been a variety of fonts and font sizes used over the years, but we will attempt to edit the collection accordingly into a consistent format.

The issues that we were able to re-create so far are displayed on this page.  Select the issue that you wish to read and click on the link for that month.  ENJOY!

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