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Welcome to the Downloadable Desktop Calendar Section

  It's really quite easy to do. Simply click the weekly image of your choice below. A new window will appear and the calendar will form within that window. After the image has formed completely, Right click it, and from the pop up menu choose the 'Set as Background' option.
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  That's it, the calendar should be set as your new desktop wallpaper. Every week you can download the latest calendar image and keep up to date on Toronto events, Toronto concerts and Toronto Arts!

  Please allow time for the complete image to form before right-clicking it. The calendars are best viewed at 1280x960 (true colour) 32 bit resolution, but can be used on larger screens if you select 'Centre' in your Display Properties dialogue box - right click anywhere on an open space on your desktop > click properties > centre

April 9, 2012  COC: Tales of Hoffman

Apr. 3,  2012    Melanie Fiona

PLEASE NOTE:  In order to better capture events on the fly, updates of the home page photo and downloadable calendars will now happen thoughout the week.

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