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About the Author

Dr. Michael Schweitzer was born in London, Ontario and attended medical school at the University of Toronto, graduating in 1995.  It was his privilege to be part of the final year of the school's Classic Curriculum©.  Following medical school, he moved to Hamilton, Ontario to complete a residency in Family Medicine 1997.  He recently successfully wrote the College of Family Physicians of Canada Exam for Special Competency in Emergency Medicine and now has 19 letters after his name.

His medical practice currently consists of both Family and Emergency Medicine.

He is currently not accepting new patients.  Please don't ask again. 

The The Unending War Trilogy was written between 2001-2005.  Dr. Schweitzer was responsible not only for writing the actual manuscripts but doing much of the editing, especially on the final two books as well as acquiring the artwork for the covers (and paying for it for the final two books).  He takes no responsibility for editing mistakes in the first book.  He didn't make them and remains peeved about their existence. 

The books are currently for sale though both Chapters/Indigo and Amazon.  There are currently no plans for any further books.  This may change in the future depending on how big a movie deal he gets from Hollywood for the trilogy.

No, he hasn't gotten any calls from Hollywood.  Please don't ask again.