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www.rwaytsmith.com - His "Undead Sentry" graces the cover of The Curse of Garnel Ironheart and We, the Living

www.toddlockwood.com - His haunting "Bitter Chivalry" is the cover of The Ashes of Alladag


Why the emphasis on literary agents in this list and not publishers?  Two reasons - one is that most publishers nowadays place more stock on a manuscript submitted by an agent than an unsolicited one.  The second is that I have no idea what kind of book you want to publish and I'm not about to list every single publisher with a webpage here.  However, these agent lists cover a wide variety of genres so no matter what you're looking for, you'll find it.

Fiction Addiction -  Lots of resources as well as a huge listing of literary agents

LiteraryAgent.com -  A good site giving tips on getting an agent and an internet listing of several agencies

Writer's Net - an excellent resource for writing resources, discussion groups and finding literary agents

Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors - good set of links to help any writer improve his style and complexity

OnLine Resources for Writers - another set of links to resources for writing improvement

Fantasy Resources - for the budding fantasy author in you