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15/12/2008 - Yes, it's been a long time.  I don't know if anyone even visits this website any longer but I get bored with the old appearance and have been working to overhaul it.  I hope you enjoy it.

16/04/2007 - The review for We, the Living from http://www.yetanotherbookreview.com has just come out and it's an excellent one.  When I began writing these books a few years ago, I just hoped I'd write a decent story that people who knew me would like.  It's really gratifying to know that connoisseurs of the genre find it entertaining as well.  Thank you to the reviewers for their help.

27/11/2006 - Yetanotherbookview  has just put out their review on The Ashes of Alladag and, as positive as the first review was, this one is even more enthusiastic.  Go there when you're done with this site to check them out.

07-09-2006 - Another great review, this one for The Curse of Garnel Ironheart from an independent website, www.yetanotherbookreview.com.  I encourage you to go and check their site out but only after buying and reading all of my books first!