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Necessary Background Information

Every good fantasy story needs an even better background milieu.   The Unending War trilogy takes place in the world of Askah, on the continent of Paskanah.  To allow readers to better appreciate the details in the story, there are links on this page providing information about the world the stories of the trilogy are set in.


Map - The Unending War trilogy is set, for the most part, on the continent of Paskanah, specifically its northern half.  This map details the topography of that part of the continent.  Note that, aside from the Island of Zehal in the northwest, the entire continent is under the control of the Great Empire.  Provinical borders are not shown.  I tried putting them in and things began to look too busy.


History - The trilogy is set during the third age of civilization, the Imperial Age.  A synposis of the history of Askah, and specifically the continent of Paskanah is provided to give the reader a better understanding of events alluded to in the stories told by the characters during the course of events.



Races - All sentient beings on Paskanah are divided into two general catogories:

a) The Five Races - Men, Grinuaollis, Qilivs, Chitzos and Chetu'uls.  Because of their importances, information on their backgrounds in given in detail.

b) The Semi-humans - Hobgoblins, Ogres and Giants.  They play a minor role in the trilogy.  Further information may be posted on them later.


Glossary - Because of all the people who approached me to complain that they couldn't pronounce any of the characters' names, I present a pronunciation guide.  This list is incomplete and will grow.  If you wish to suggest a name or term for inclusion, please send it to garnelironheart@yahoo.com


Excerpts - Not everything that originally was written for the books in the trilogy was included in the final manuscripts.  Although The Ashes of Alladag survived intact through the editing process, both The Curse of Garnel Ironheart and We, The Living had to be substantially shortened to keep the per copy cost of the books under control.  However, for those fans who are interested, here are parts of The Curse of Garnel Ironheart that did not make it into the final edition along with some brief notes explaining where the segments fit into the story and why they were removed.