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Open Letter - A Canadian Journal of Writing and Theory

Guest-edited and introduced (Plenarily Speaking) by Tostevin with the theme of Mistaken Identity. In memory of Robert Dickson.

      • Thirteenth Series, Number 3, Summer 2007
      • ISSN 0048-1939




Subject to Criticism

Through a variety of critical approaches, Subject to Criticism juxtaposes the literary with the personal, the theoretical with the biographical. Within the context of essays, reviews. letters and interviews, Tostevin examines the writing of other writers and identifies recurring themes that stimulate her own writing process. Her views are often provocative, sometimes ambivalent, even rebellious, as she expands the usually objective stance of literary criticism with intimate and subjective experience.

"Tostevin's writing is ambitious, accomplished and mature . . . rich, subtle and complex." - Books in Canada

      • Published 1995
      • The Mercury Press
      • Stratford, Ontario, Canada
      • ISBN 1-55128-025-6



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