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Day has no equal but the night

- is the first poetry collection to appear in years from acclaimed writer Anne Hébert is stunningly tranlsated by poet and fiction writer Lola Lemire Tostevin. Hébert's poetic gift is in perfect pitch here as she reveals life's profundity in even the most common occurrences in poems that meditate on nature, solitude, war, love, aging and the creative process.

To read these poems is to rediscover the ability to wonder.

          • Published 1997
          • House of Anansi Press Limited
          • Toronto, Canada
          • ISBN0-88784-593-2




La Danse Eliminatoire/Elimination Dance

- is a collection of Poetry by Michael Ondaatje, translated into French. It is based on those dances in which a caller decides, seemingly randomly, who is forbidden to continue dancing.

      • Published 1991
      • Brick Books
      • London, Ontario
      • ISBN 0-919626-55-6




Other translations include:

  • Journal, excerpts, 1992, Excerpts of Saint-Denys Garneau's JOURNAL, translated into English
  • Letter to a Friend, 1989, Essay/letter by Paule Thevenin to Bernard Noel, translated into English
  • Translations have appeared in literary journals, including the poetry of Nicole Brossard, Claude Beausoleil, Gerald Godin, Tahar Bekri, Monique Laederach, etc.





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