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The Other Sister

The Jasmine Man
Frog Moon




BulletThe Other Sister

"The Other Sister inspires a quiet and close reading, an experience that teeters on the edge of loss's poignancy. Julia speaks in two frames, one fashioned by the presence of old age and one by the complicated tissue of past memories. Her cautionary line - 'any rendering of the past is always provisional' - rings in the reader's ears. . . This writing is beautiful, compelling, almost urgent, and is sure to draw readers into its caressing world at any stage of their lives." - Marlene Kadar, Editor, Reading Life Writing, and Essays on Life Writing

"With age comes wisdom then reckoning. . . Tostevin's third novel is an interesting one, mainly because at the outset it appears to be a story about old age when, in fact, it is quite a lot more. The generational differences are thought-provoking in themselves; when put into a larger context they become even more so." - Eva Tihanyi, The National Post

"A compelling testimony to the terrifying and profound interconnectedness of our human stories, inviting us to make an imaginative leap of empathy across time lines and generations. In Julia, we get the most captivating portrait of the formidable old woman since Margaret Laurence's Hagar Shipley" - Eva C. Karpinski, School of Women's Studies, York University

"The Other Sister is skillfully and beautifully written. It is a tale that spans many decades and touches many lives, while showing how closely we can touch each other." - Sylvia Brooke, Jewish Tribune

"Twin survivors seem to be particularly powerful embodiments of the randomness of fate and the possibility of heroic resilience". Robin Roger, Literary Review of Canada, May 2009


          • Published 2008
          • INANNA Publications and Education, Inc.
          • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
          • ISBN 978-0-9808822-1-6





The Jasmine Man

From one of Canada's finest writers comes a fabulous new novel set in Toronto, Paris and Tunisia. With compassion and wit, Tostevin addresses issues of art and culture as she explores the realms of memory and desire in a dazzling prose.

"The thinking woman's romance novel" - The National Post

"Enchanting ...... deftly drawn characters in a gossamer web." - The Globe and Mail

"An elegantly written, well planned and executed book ..... It is unusual to come across a novel that is so intelligent and yet so immediate .... "Every part of this book moves with grace and drama." - The Hamilton Examiner

" ...a romance novel with responsibility ..... a delight to the senses." - The Hamilton Spectator

          • Published 2001
          • Key Porter Books Limited
          • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
          • ISBN 1-55263-3212-7


Frog Moon

-A hybrid novel that combines oral tradition, myth, language, literature, legends and classic tales to forge one woman's singular history.

"Much of this book is gemstone, stories that spill from the throat of a magician." - The Globe and Mail

"Lyrical, magical Frog Moon is a map of mind and emotions." - The Ottawa Citizen

"Frog Moon is about memory and imagination ..... a poignant and significant novel." - Quill and Quire

            • Published 1994
            • Cormorant Books Inc.
            • 215 Spadina Ave, Studio 230
              Toronto, Ontario, Canada
              M5T 2C7
            • ISBN 0-920953-61-1




- is the French translation by Robert Dickson of Tostevin's novel Frog Moon

"Frog Moon [Kaki] est avant tout un roman sur le langage - sur son pouvoir de révélation et de création." - Spirale -

          • Published 1997
          • Prise de Parole
          • Sudbury, Ontario
          • ISBN 2-89423-072-9






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