Lola LemireTostevin

* Short Fiction *

- included in:

The Closets of Time
XYZ - La Revue de la Nouvelle - #89
Lost Classics




    The Closets of Time - a New Fiction Anthology

    'Speculative, mnemonic, phantasmic - the works in this anthology open numerous doors into those hidden places where we store our dreams and nightmares, where we rummage through regrets and hopes. These are the closets of time where memories become fiction and fictions become reality.'

        • Edited by Richard Truhlar and Beverley Daurio
        • Published 2007
        • The Mercury Press
        • Toronto, Ontario
        • ISBN-978-1-55128-133-9



    XYZ - La Revue de la Nouvelle, #89

    Les Asters Bleus- souvenirs d'un ami disparu

      • XYZ - La Revue de la Nouvelle
      • Édition Cimetières
      • Printemps 2007, Numéro 89
      • Montréal, Québec
      • ISSN: 0828-5608


    Lost Classics:

    - to which Tostevin contributes, is a "compendium of glittering, witty, thoughtful, wild and wonderful-to-read short essays by some of the world's best writers on books that have inspired and influenced, but are no longer available, hard to find, or sadly under-appreciated"

            • Published 2000
            • Editors: Michael Ondaatje, Michael Redhill, Esta Spalding & Linda Spalding
            • Alfred A. Knopf Canada
            • ISBN 0-676-97299-3





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