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         The Article Archives

Travel articles by Mike and Allison Goldstein are appearing with increasing frequency on the Internet, as various online publications discover these talented writers. In addition, Apogee Photo Online is carrying a number of  travel articles to which Mike has added a photographic twist. These have become instructional in nature, while still providing valuable insights into the travel destination in question.

All the images that appear on the Internet have been subjected to Mike's digital imaging techniques, which in many cases have greatly improved the quality of the original photographs.

Ready to travel? Perhaps you'd like to browse through the following articles, while you search for your passport ...

Runners of the Winter Woods              

Halifax By Sea

London, Once Over Lightly         

By Boot Through the West Country            

Salty Lunenburg, Nova Scotia                          

Algonquin Park, A Place for All Seasons   

The "Do's" and "Don't's" of Bird Photography                          

St. Augustine, City of Five Flags     

Insider Information

City Photo Assignment

Pageant Photography                                                

Detroit, Much "Mo" to Motown

Photography in Maine                                   

    Here are some of the Internet web sites that are presently carrying the work of Mike and Allison Goldstein, some of which is shown above.

GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages)

Apogee Photo Online



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