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Michael and Allison Goldstein


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Bienvenido a nuestra casa!

Mike and Allison Goldstein are freelance travel writers, based in Toronto, Canada. Published internationally, they like to write articles that make you reach for your passport.

Their work has appeared in the print media for almost two decades. More recently, the Internet has become a market, and carries an increasing  number of their articles, photographs, and Allison's sketches.

Mike and Allison are available for assignment. Their files contain material on a wide variety of destinations, while the 'wishlist' of future places to visit becomes ever longer.

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Mike and Allison are active people, enjoying biking, hiking, sailing, and cross-country skiing. Many of their present articles reflect this energetic lifestyle, and they are always ready to don their hiking boots, or pick up a paddle.

They have working relationships with a variety of tourist organizations, and groups that sponsor "soft adventure travel" , a vacation mode much in favor with the 'boomer' generation.

On trips, they'll look for great little restaurants, artists' colonies, attractive places to live and shop, fascinating people and their interesting occupations, and yesterday's buildings and battlefields. 

Photography is always a high priority in any trip they take. It's their policy to provide any sponsoring organization with a sample of the resulting imagery from a trip, which may be used for promotion purposes, free of charge.


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