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              Print Clippings


Mike and Allison's articles, sketches, and photographs were being published in print media many years before the Internet became a viable market for travel material. They have enjoyed several double-page spreads, a number of single-page spreads, and, on occasion, a cover photograph.

Seeing their work printed on a glossy page, the results of some talented art director's work with their material, never fails to produce a feeling of intense satisfaction.

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"Roche Percé (Pierced Rock) provides hiking that comes and goes with the tide. This rocky isthmus, just off Québec’s Gaspé Peninsula, is under two feet of water, at low tide!"

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"I rose before dawn to photograph the fishing harbor at Gaspé from the shared porch of our motel. After making this image, the smell of cigarette smoke distracted me from my tripod. Our next door neighbor, who had also risen early to enjoy the sunrise, was standing two feet away, entranced, without a stitch on his body!"

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" 'Don't submit that awful photo you made with the Cokin filter,' Allison said to me. 'They'll never go for that phony sunset!'  So I did, of course, and it was responsible for our first double-page spread in a major Canadian publication!"

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"We went shopping for eggs on Thursday, three days after arriving at our cottage on Grand Manan Island, off Canada's east coast...and were told that no eggs would be in stock until a new batch was delivered on the boat from the mainland. So, we entitled our Island article, NO EGGS 'TILL TUESDAY !"

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"Tim Sandford leaned over, while adjusting his helm to avoid the Halifax - Dartmouth ferry, and grinned. 'You know, I learned to sail on this boat!'

I looked up and down the full seventy - five foot length of the "Mar II", a wooden ketch used by Murphy Sailing Tours for cruises on Halifax Harbor, on Canada's east coast. I thought about my 14-foot dinghy back in Toronto, and how I was still learning to sail her, and marvelled..."


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"We sneaked out from the Lake McDonald Lodge, in Montana's Glacier Park, to photograph at sunrise. It was so quiet you could almost hear the fog, brushing across the mountains, on the far shore. A Cokin filter put some color in this monochromatic image, and we had another winner."

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"On our third day of a wagon-train ride on Wyoming's Oregon Trail, they put me on a horse named Juan.'I've never ridden a horse before,' I protested. 'They don't even have gearshifts!' You don't have anything to worry about,' I was told by the cowboys, 'Juan is so gentle, you'll have to check him for a pulse, from time to time!"

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