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Michael and Allison Goldstein



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            The Art Gallery

Allison Goldstein's delightful watercolor sketches provide a unique "look" to their travel articles. On the Internet, her sketches require far less file size than photographs, to achieve the same relative impact.  Printed on watercolor inkjet paper, it is almost impossible to tell which is the original, and which is a printed copy.

Most of these sketches begin, often in a canoe or on a hiking trail, as very small works, quickly done in a portable sketchbook that fits in a pocket. Once photographed and digitized, however, they may be printed in sizes up to 11x14, with no deterioration in quality.

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        Algonquin Park, Ontario               St. Lawrence River, Quebec

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       Kennebunkport, Maine                     Williamsburg, Virginia

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  Magdalen Islands, Quebec                Boston shore, Massachusetts

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      Tadoussac, Quebec                              Prince Edward Island

                     Indian.jpg (15755 bytes)

                                 Manitoulin Island, Ontario

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                                     Rockport, Massachusetts

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