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The following reconstructions are all by V. Stephens (SCA = Rosina del Bosco Chiaro) unless otherwise specified. Each dance will have a link to the Discography page for recordings available for the dance, and the 15th-c. Italian dances will have links to the Step page, for any steps needed.

The sources for Renaissance dance are somewhat vague, having been created for people who were already at least partially familiar with the dance form. This is especially true for the 15th-century Italian dances, where the steps are often not described at all, and the choreographies for specific dances often vary in different manuscripts. There was probably considerable regional variation, and improvisation was admired, so there was not, even at that time, one, immutable, way of performing these dances. Because of this, modern reconstructions show considerable diversity, and the steps, dances and styling will probably be taught at least slightly differently by any teacher, or even by the same teacher at a later date. Also, the same or similar step names were often used for steps that were performed differently in different repertoires.

15th C Italian Balli
Dances marked (J+J) can be found in Joy and Jealousy by V. Stephens and M. Cellio, which has been webbed by Eric Praetzel. (This is a different webpage.) Dances found there are: Amoroso, Anello, Belfiore, Belreguardo (Domenico's version for 2), Colonesse, Fia Guielmina B (the version for 2), Gelosia, Gratiosa, Ingrata, Jupiter, Legiadra, Leoncello (Vecchio), Marchesana, Mercanzia, Petit Riens, Pizocara, Prexonera, Rosina (aka Voltati in ça Rosina), Rostiboli Gioioso, Sobria, Spero, Tesara, Verçeppe, Vita di Cholino.

15th-C Italian Bassedanze

Modern Bassedanze

16th-C Italian dances

Other dances

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